[Suggestion] New Terrain bonuses for units

We all now the Hill bonus is very important taking fights, specially with archers, or how the cracked terrain affects buildings in maps like Serengeti.

I was thinking if adding other terrain bonuses that affected units would be a nice addition to the game, adding more vary game play and possibilities of trapping enemy army or tricking your opponent into fighting where you have the better chance to win ( just like hills work ).

So this are just examples, I don’t mean this to be the perfect idea, but something like marshes affecting mobility of all units, Or some kind of mud that would benefit units on foot but would be worse on cav. There are a lot possibilities to be added ( I’m guessing some may be very difficult to implement but if hills are a thing, there should be a way to implement others ) What do you think? is it too much?

Just to clarify, I’m not meaning to change all maps, but to change SOME of the existing ones so this bonuses would apply, and testing it out in the community could be a thing…

SoTL made a video some time ago and also metions it.


The main problem in this game is random generation. It could create some games where a player is super favorised compare to another one. It’s already the case with hill, imagine if we had other terrain types? MEH.

We already have:

  • hill
  • ice
  • mangrove (terrain that allow to move with land unit, water unit and build on it)
  • water
  • regular flat terrain
  • terrain that allo th move with land unit, water unit but not build on it (i really forgot the name of this terrain)

I think it’s already a lot. But i really hope we will see mud, swamp, quicksand, tall grass, … in aoe 4 :slight_smile:

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Probably good idea for campaign and scenarios were balance is not an issue.


I didn’t do it a proper thread, but I have supporting this idea in many others post.
I think it totally worths if we have to wait some balances iterations patchs for more diversity experiences in game. At least I would do it opcional when you create a Lobby. Play or not with terrain modificators.

Some bonuses I would like to see:
-swamp speed reduction (from less affected to more affected: foot units>mounted units>siege units)
-Roads speed bonus ( opposite to swamp)
-Sand reduce horses speed, but no camels. (Just a litle, 5% max)
-Some over fertile grass that gives farms placed on it a food and harvest bonus
-Snow reduce camels speed.
-Mangrove reduce heavy ships speed (galley, demo)

I would.like to see either weather effects, like wind reducing archers accuracy, fog reducing LOS, or somethings like this. But is a topic for other thread.


You have great ideas but I rather see those bonuses in AoE IV. Foremost, this would add more lag especially the weather effects. Second the maps are random generated which may create some advantage for one player while having the other in a bad situation. Lastly I rather see those in upcoming campaigns or even co-op missions in the future.

Maps are not totally ramdom, you could force this special terrain types to be like in the center of the map or N tiles away from intial town centers depending on the map to make it fair on all players.

Yes, there are a lot of terrains, but except from the ones that do not allow buildings to be placed. most of them are just visual changes that do nothing.

I’m not saying EVERY terrain should have modifiers, just add one or two in some areas of a map, like hills but with other modifier than damage or that affect a certain type of unit

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I’m no saying I want a visual weather, maybe just a change on color palette and a icon in UI thwt shows the current weather. Or do it optional for the low performance PC’s.
Nowaday randomess is not actually too much randomess, and still a bad position of resources could result in an adventage for one player over others. It is part of the game, like pick randome civ and you have to play Britons vs Goths. Of course it has to be balanced, but is not unbalanced itself.

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Would not adding more terrain effects complicate game play?

Like Bonus Hill does?

Yes you have to micro to get hill bonus so adding more things like that would complicate things.

But it worth it, right?

Terrain bonuses for farms should be cool and by the way, did you know that buildings on cracked terrain are weaker than they are on good terrain.

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I don’t think 3 years is a long time ago.

would be interesting if there was a pasture terrain with a bonus for gathering from sheep, making players risk their sheep in exchange for more efficient gathering. though this could be tricky to implement.

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well unless you put this terrain under TCs (but then why not buff shepherds directly) who would go build a mill far away just to gather sheep faster, when they can do it faster by killing them right away regardless.