Special terrain [ideas]

Not sure if this has been suggested before, but here ya go…

So far we have a few standard types of terrain and atmospheres.
:arrow_forward: The ones I can remember are:

  • Earth → Can build on.
  • Water → Can only build at cost, ships can pass trough.
  • Trade route → Can’t build on, other than trading posts.
  • Swamp ground → Can’t build on, but ships can pass through.
  • Frozen ground or Loose earth terrain – > Can’t build on.
  • Tundra storm (Only in Amelia campaign) → Damages units to death.

:arrow_forward: In AoE2-DE we got:

  • Terrain elevation advantages → “It’s over Anakin! I have the high ground!”
  • Cracked terrain → Buildings on it receive extra siege damage.

:arrow_forward: And in AoE4 we got:

  • Thick forests → Can hide units for ambushes.
  • Wall protections → Units, preferably archers, can climb up and gain defense plus range.

:arrow_forward: So, with all of those, which could be added to AoE3-DE, I was thinking of a few more:

  • Thick snow, rocky mountains or muddy grounds → Slows every unit crossing it, maybe some artillery can’t move at all while on bombard mode (Many historical battles have been won by directing the enemy through unfavorable terrain).
  • Tunnels (They are kinda existent in the campaigns already) → Only mining resources and a few tactical shortcut advantages lie here (Mostly for aesthetic in new maps).
  • Scorched earth → Remnants of past battles, can’t build on.

Btw, a few of these WERE suggested a while ago, but on AoE2-DE, hence, the topic to this forum too.

As well as here.

Swamp ground like you describe doesn’t exist in the game. I suggested it be added here:

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