[SUGGESTION] Please add faster game speed option

May we be provided an even faster game speed option than “Fast”? Fast still seems pretty slow to me. I would want it at least 2x faster than the current Fast speed.

Sometimes I just want to crank a game out, but playing “Fast” (or, obviously, anything less) takes too long, so I don’t. On “Fast”, the villagers still move around pretty slowly, etc., imo. I could keep track of 2x+ faster gameplay, no problem. Even 3x or 4x probably…

Current options:

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This is more a questions of playstyle then ingame speed ^^

I have a rather aggressive playstyle in 1v1 and my games usually last less then 20min (real time, not in-game time) and more then 90% of my games are shorter than 30min (real time).

A friend of mine (same Elo / skill level) has a rather defensive playstyle. His games usually go to much more then 30min.

Sorry, but for me, it is about speed. Villys move too slowly, gather too slowly, game progresses too slowly, etc. Fast is slow to me, and Normal is like snail-pace in comparison.

And to put it out there for all to see… I’m asking for a simple extra speed option created by AoE devs. I am fully aware most anything can be modded and in many cases already has, no matter what suggestion gets proposed. No need to deflect the suggestion to mods, please and thanks :slight_smile:

My aim is to have it in-game. For this, it makes sense to include it in the game.

Additionally, I will say when I have time, I enjoy playing Normal speed. It is how the game is meant to be played. However, sometimes I just want to play whatever style I feel like playing, but with the game going like 3x or 4x faster than Fast speed

I can’t even imagine playing on Casual or Slow. I’d be able to simultaneously count the number of pixels on the trees in Black Forest while making a roaring economy at those speeds.

If there are so many ‘slow’ options, as there are, why can’t there be a few faster options?


I would agree. Game Speed feels dreadfully slow. I play StarCraft 2 by comparison and the speed is what makes or breaks the game imo.

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I agree. Everything seems to move in slow motion on the fastest setting. We need a faster speed.

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two completely different games with two completely different designs. and frankly, i enjoy the fact that i don’t have to break my wrists to play aoe2.


That’s fair, but would it hurt you if faster speeds were an available option for players who want faster speeds? I’d say ‘no’. Options by their nature mean you’d never have to experience.

I’ve only played a couple tutorial missions of Starcraft, and don’t play other RPGs. Yet, I feel AoE could benefit by having faster speeds available for those times we want faster gameplay. It’d be a different challenge since the game’s pace is pretty slow for me.

Often when I’m on Fast setting I need to double-check to make sure it is on Fast because it seems slow

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Well, you do have the option to set it to 4× and 8× speed.

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depends. are you going to force it on ranked play?

That’s cool. Thanks! That (and the cheat code that speeds up techs a bunch of times) helps show how easy it would probably be for devs to include two or three faster gamespeed options in the lobby or while mid-game.

For sure. No more Normal speed or lower as options if this gets implemented…

Kidding!!! :smiley: How/why would this be forced on ranked play? I’m totally okay with the option being for Single Player and unranked matches. That’s where I would probably only use it. However, if some players wanted to set up faster speed games in ranked lobbies, I see no problem with allowing that, personally

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The thing is it would ruin the MM for many dudes. Not only way slower queue times would happen, but also players will be forced to not choose a preferred speed if they want to get on a game faster

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That’s cool. So, let’s not have it in ranked matches. I’m down with that! Thanks for the MM expertise!

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Well currently the queue times for those who want faster speeds is infinity.

A little more waiting period for those that don’t want faster speeds is a small price to pay for giving the option to the people who want faster speeds.


Last time I checked, it didn’t have an option for game speed

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Then what’s the objection for?

his point is, if you add various different speed options, everyones queue times will go up.
because you’re going to fragment the playerbase between those who want to play “fast games” and those who want to play “Slow games” which means longer queue times for everyone.
right now everyone is in the same pool, and thus everyone has roughly equal queue times.


Well what I’m saying is that people who want faster speeds have a wait time of infinity. Which is because that speed doesn’t exist. They cannot play at that speed at all. And that is a worse situation than slightly longer wait times for ‘slow’ players.

If you fragment the playerbase on the basis of speed, and you’re saying that people who want slow speeds will have to wait longer as a consequence, then that clearly means that there is significant demand for faster speeds. That only strengthens the argument for faster speeds, it doesn’t weaken it.

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Why we just don’t keep that speed in unranked.

Ranked should have a standard rule.

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and how many people is that?

no, if even 10% split off, that means 10% less people in queues.

using faster speeds is perfectly acceptable in unranked, but would cause massive issues in ranked play.
like how do you compare the ELO of a fast speed player vs a “slow” speed player?

even in SC2 they only have 1 speed for ranked play.