Suggestion to add a Frankish Paladin to the game

suggestion to add a Frankish Paladin to the game
my suggestion in this video is for 23.15 min. sec.

It’s already in the game. How else could it have been in the video?


the game does not have this, I just edited the video

Go in the scenario editor and see for yourself.

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The script editor has it, I know that, but I would like to add it to the game as a second unique unit of francs

Why, though?

Franks are already a strong civ as it is, and need nothing else.

To be honest, I am also against nerfing them, they are very one-dimensional as it is.


the Franks have many disadvantages, and this knight should be added for a change, especially since it is not cheap and should only be created in the castle

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the Franks may have disadvantages (i disagree on the many), but giving them another cavalry unique unit isn’t going to help those disadvantages. and despite those disadvantages that they do have, they are STILL one of the best civs in the game.


Actually, they still are known as the “best civ”.

Turns out that Knights with extra HP and a variety of Food related bonii, go a long way in this game.

i don’t know if i would call them the best civ, sotl video or not. I think they are easily one of the better civs in the game. but hands down the best? can’t say it.


I think that a civilization that had a strong development of chivalry deserves its own unique equestrian knight

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They already have the Paladin with extra HP.

It is already a great bonus, far better than any Castle UU Cavalry would ever be.

French cav is strong enough, and You can spam them faster. But if we are talking about post imp, their trash is súper Bad.

I would go for q Unique halbers upgrade, but is not like they are un need of a new unit

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you mean like a knight that is produced 40% faster then most civs and has extra HP? giving them a unique unit that is a heavy cavalry does nothing to fix the “weaknesses” you think they have.
on top of that, the unit would have to be cheap to even warrant making it, seeing as its built at a castle (like it or not, even Frankish Castles are more expensive then a stable). otherwise you’re giving the civ a unit it likely won’t use.
then on top of that, if it was actually cost effective enough to be used, it would be buffing Franks, who absolutely don’t need it.

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The only thing i would like to see is the actual paladin the Franks can train to be swapped out with the frank paladin from the editor(just the skin, since the frank paladin is basically a UU as it is, might as well have its own skin). Mmmm i would like that.

There’s so many unique skins in that editor that i feel could be used more… The effort the devs went to to make them deserves more use. Like the poor wonders (but nothing to be done about that)


yeah i mean what could go wrong, 1 more attack, 15 more health base, which means after the civ bonus they have 210 health.

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He means the unit skin getting swapped not the stats


They might aswell scream “Blood for the Blood God” for all players to hear, when told to attack, so the enemy knows it is GG, and he will just get the shafted by imbalance and not skill.

yeah… :smiley: 20 characters

here was the clue

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Well with the same attack speed a 210 hp. 1+ attacl and 1+ma paladin would tie against a lith paladin with 4 relics… you are just trading hp for attack.

I know you can prevent this by defending the relics, but lith paladin is sick

TBH with the extra hp and chivalry franks are totally fine, if they buffed them (not that franks need it) i would give them better trash, i would have love the persian tech that gives them gold free crossbows or some improvement to halbs before the extra range for the axemen