Suggestion to add a Frankish Paladin to the game

Nothing screams more “Unique Unit” than “it only has +12 HP over the normal version” 11

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this is already a very small bonus, as the “bloodline” appeared"

I think miracles should bring resources, something like the Portuguese trading posts

You know exactly what i think of you and your one upmanship… What always makes it worse is how far off you usually are…

As a civ Franks almost purely create their knight line. It trains faster, sees further and more hp, as well as upgrades hp for free. Even the extra 4hp on the Cavalier results in 12 instead of 11 hits to kill in a 1v1.

It is the literal definition of what most people wish their UU was… A unit they can use in heavy quantities and gives their civ identity. Its almost civ defining.

It opens up the opportunity for some of the more unique generic units of some of the civs to make use of the variety of skins from the editor.

Things like the malian champskarl. Persian xbow. Or even the Teutons paladin, malay THS or tatar/turk HCA. There’s probably more knight like skins so they would be the easiest to assign. But even Bulgarian cavaliers could get their own skin.

It would be a skin affect that only the player sees and can be set on and off. It doesn’t need new graphics from the devs. Its almost purely just assigning skins to units.

The Frankish Paladin from the Editor/Campaigns was originally planed as the unique unit of the French. Also knights where planned to have lances.

The Burgundians and their unique unit are basically what the Franks where originally planed to be.
The Throwing Axeman is a nice unit and rounds up their army.
If they every go around and add second unique units to all civilisations (unlikely) than giving them the Franchish Paladin would be boring as it would reduce the differences between the Franks and the Burgundians.


If the idea is changing the skin of the paladin for the frankish paladin to the franks only… i don’t like it so much…

I rather have new skins dlcs for every culture, in that context some iconic lines could have unique skins as the franks knight line. One of the few things i dislike of this game is the generic look of the generic units.

How about Civilisation crest on generic units
Only changes the units a little and keeps the readability but adds a lot of flair to the game.

Hmm, i think it gets in the, since it changes the normal color palette of the unit. I would rather have the devs release some proper unit/building skins at some point. They could make a DLC out of it and it’s not like they are using the artists in the their team for something useful at the moment…

the difference is Lithuanians actually have to work to get 4 relics and they also don’t get 40% faster production.

and their late game economy is inferior to most civs.

and? Franks are still one of the best civs in the game and do not need any buffs.

this is not a special improvement, it’s more for a change

And yet its an improvement. the Frank Paladin has 175 health baseline and 1 extra attack over generic paladins. that ends up being a buff. especially when it ends up with 210 health after the civ bonus.

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this is a little believe me, especially since if it costs 85 gold, which is not so little, and the 40% bonus will not work for it, and for example there are elephants that have 300+ life points, and this does not unbalance the game

Then why bother giving them the unit? Why go through the work of giving them the frankish paladin? Makes zero sense to give them a unit they won’t use.

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Some people just want to have cool units and don’t care as much for the balance.

some people just do not quite understand what they are saying, the balance here is just the same, it is the cost and production is not in the stables

well, why not use it, just use it, but not as massively as from the stables, but as an additional elite cavalryman

why do I see you don’t even think about unbalanced units, such as onagers, Scorpions, leitis, the Teutonic paladin, Coustiller, trebuchets are the same, the difference in speed of movement of cavalry and infantry, that the units run just so long as they’re under attack, and that the Franks to 40% faster can be created mounted units, but while not losing quality. etc.

Is it? Doesnt zeem like it’s the same. Yeah you pay 10 more gold and itz built at tge castle but its still got more health and attack. Furthermore frank castles are dirt cheap and castle units build fast by most units standards.

how are these units not balanced?

except you would absolutely transition to it. in early imp you might use Cavalier, but why would i make paladins when for an extra 10 gold i get an extra attack and 18 health?

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locks, though cheap, but they may not be at all, and the hiring time can be balanced

okay let me point out of some other issues. right now the unit in the scenario editor doesn’t have two forms. so does the frankish paladin have a castle age version and a elite version? or does it just have the 15 attack, 2/3 base armor, 175 HP version?

if it has a castle age version now they have to go in and make a new unit as well. as well as the elite upgrade tech. now that’s pretty easy probably, but you’re still talking about a bit of work just so you can have frankish paladin unit in the game.

if it doesn’t have a castle age version, is it locked behind a tech? or do you just get it straight from imperial age? because if so that comes with huge advantages. Paladin research alone costs 1300 food and 750 gold. Cavalier is another 300 food and 300 gold. why would i invest into that when i can skip that and just start making Frankish Paladins from castles and save myself the 1600 food and 1050 gold in tech. furthermore since obviously chivalry isn’t that useful i save resources there as well.