Suggestion to Chinese civ

Hi everyone, I am a both casual and a rather competitive player(Conq 3). I play as ############ Chinese) & iRabbitGPT(others)

As a Chinese, I have some suggestions to improve its uniqueness while keeping it balanced(hopefully devs may notice it).

  1. Yuan is omnipotent while Ming severely underwhelming. Yuan speed provides both economic and military buff, while Ming 10% hp bonus is just meh.
    a. i suggest removing the Yuan buff for villagers.
    b. Ming could be a gunpowder-focused dynasty. My thought is to give gunpowder units +1 range, while changing the current hand-gunner tech to add 50 HP.
    c. Or we could make MIng a anti-cavalry dynasty, as it fought against Mongols most. Not sure about how to design it though.

  2. Dynasties are too expensive, which made Castle Yuan (and Imperial Ming, of course)very scarce.
    a. Reducing 25% percent for the 2nd landmark, if the 1st landmark is already finished.
    b. Reducing Song and Yuan bonus to 20% and 10% respectively for balance.

  3. Bombard is so weak(compared to ram), for all civs.
    a. Now inefficient against units, its health and damage against buildings should be increased.
    b. maybe more tech for bombards as rams do.

  4. Pagoda is weird, since religion had only weak influence in China medieval times. Here is my suggestion:
    a. Change to resource-collect building, generate 50% less tax, but its tax could be auto-collected.
    b. Or providing healing aura to nearby units. But other civs has it too, so not suggested.

  5. No reason to remain in Tang. Not important, but maybe we could re-consider it?
    a. Tang was a great dynasty, whose openness and enterprise unmatched by others.
    b. Guandao, the weapon used by Palace Guards and Chinese Lancers, is in fact a Tang weapon.


#2 1000000% I agree. The cost should be cut in half.

I prefer to improve the early game

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I get rushed so easily playing the Chinese. Im always trying to boom with them.