Suggestion: What if every civ have at least two unique units?

I understand that if developers will add unique units to every civ it would too much units in the game, but what if it would be unit line, like they did with Battle Elephants and Steppe Lancers. For example for Teutons and Lithuanians it could be some heavy armored pikeman. And for the Slavs and Byzantines it could be Varangian Guard. For Saracens, Turks and Persians it could be some new camel unit.


Not every civs needs 2 UUs.

Some even have superficial UUs that almost never get used.

Karambit Warriors really do Malay no good, neither do Portuguese Caravels in 1v1.
Some are there for the sake of flavour.

Yeah, I also understand that. But it would be not bad for variety!

Variety only has superficial value. I would rather only civs that need a secondary UU, to get one.

Actually carabels are really good when you have lots of them

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No really, they provide value when you are fighting a lot of other ships, but are more susceptible to Fire and Demo Ships, because they do much less damage.

In 1v1, you will always go for Galleons. Caravels are only good when you are facing a huge fleet, with your own huge fleet, which almost never happens, as most players win or lose Water in the Feudal Age, to Fire Galleys.

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But they have a good niche in tg. Let’s say your ally is Byzantines, going for fire ships. Having carabels behind that is far better than having galleons. Plus, in equam big numbers, they counter longboats, since longboats stack a lot

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But games are always balanced for 1v1, and in 1v1, which is by far the most played game mode, Caravels have role.

I also support the idea of “regional units” like Battle Elephants, Eagle Warriors and Steppe Lancers applying to other civs.
With this idea we could include units from mercenary groups or nations/kingdoms that were know for participating in many battles but are not adequate for a “civilization”. For example (aside from the Varangian already mentioned): Templar Knights, Hospitaller Knights, Swiss pikemen, Stratioti, etc.


And a third unique tech!


Gonna disagree, at times they can be quite effective and a good alternative to the slower 2H.

But yeah, giving every civ 2 UUs has power creep written all over it. I think it’s a great idea for a mod, and I’m all for more diversity and more options, but in order for it to not break the balance of the game, a lot of the UUs would have to be near useless. There are a lot of ideas expressed on this forum that I “like,” but think are far more amenable to the scenario editor or mods than the game proper, for the sake of balance.

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Karambits spawn almost instantly, and have good speed, but unless you going with flash defense of your Castle, or just need an Infantry mass righ now because your 2H army got crushed; there is no reason to even train them at all.

I do not even research Elite Karambit as it is a wast of resources.

As Malay, Battle Elephants with their discount, are a better complementary unit to the 2Hs you will naturally rely on.

I have always considered the paladin as a “regional upgrade”

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It isn’t, at all.

Way too many civs have Paladin, and from very different places, for it to be a regional unit.

It is a generic sper-heavy Cavalry.

Some kind of African fast archer unit with good fire rate, a heavy Middle Eastern cavalry - A Ghulam/Savaran/Sipahi unit, and some new unit skins (for Eastern/Middle Eastern archers) could be added. Along with Condottieri being a European hire mercenary unit, and Knightly orders - Hospitallers (expensive mace(?) knight unit which can heal) and Templars (a heavy lancer knight) which can give moral/hitpoint boost to nearby units?). And of course the Varangians (for Byzantines and eastern Europeans?) need to be added, along with the Gallowglasses (for Celts, Britons and Vikings maybe).


Adding 2 Unique Units could make the game harder to learn, i dont know, if that’s so great…

Like if i see Britons, i know “There will be Archers made by them”, etc.

If you add too much Unique Units and Britons get something Calvary-Like for example, it could make a Civ really be hard to understand for newer Players

Of course, it should fit into the civ look. For example:

  • Aztecs - Slinger like Incas
  • Britons - Billman, more universal Halb
  • Byzantines - of course Varangian Guard, strong infantry.
  • Celts - Gallowglass
  • Franks - Templar Knight
  • Chinese - Rocket Launcher
  • Italians - Galeas
  • Teutons - Landsknecht
  • Slavs - Husit Tabor Wagon
  • Turks - Asap - light trash infantry

I dont really like your suggestions, that sounds like filling in the weak spots of those civs…

Why would the country that destroyed the Templar have them as a UU 11


Good question, specially when Teutons, Spain and Portugal would be much better candidates.

Several kings and princes of Portugal were even Chapter Masters of the Order, ans Spain had the famous Knights of Santiago chapter house.