[Suggestion] Why aoe4 dont have day/night cycle mode

I think it will be pretty cool, night mode is in game already implementet in some campagains. Only add some setting to activate it. Fire arrow in night, night battle atmosphere and more cool thinks only in night can see. Just a small graphic enhancement without effects to villagers, because this part of game looks more like it gonna go arcade path. The game looks too golden and bright, this will balance this and add more good experience in game. 0-6:30 day, then night to 10:00 (min) and again day.

Why all developers thinks in nowadays only graphic update = best game, make it more impressive if you want 60$ for that, just my opinion.


I agree 100%. I am playing a RTS game called “Ancestor Legacy” right now.

Not only it looks amazing but when you play skirmish maps, they all have a day\night cycle and weather.

Units can even uses torches at night, it looks beautiful.

Why Age of Empires 4 can’t do a proper day\night cycle like that game, despite all the budget they have.


Because the majority of people wouldn’t like it.


I think from a competitive perspective, having things look visually as consistent as possible throughout the game is important. It’s a game, not a simulator.


Won’t work from a competitive standpoint BUT it’s certainly an option they should give to us with the scenario editor/mod tools. We know the system is in place (since we have campaign scenarios that are at different times of the day and foggy).

I would wait 3-6 months and bring this up again once custom games are a proper thing.

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Yeah, I should remember that competitive multiplayer focused games tend to sacrifice immersion and graphics for maximum soulless readability, which is fine but at that point better for them to keep playing AoE2 at lowest settings then.

I don’t think the multiplayer crowd care for the documentary videos either yet they spent a lot of budget for them.

The game needs to improve from an immersion\art\technical point of view too otherwise what’s the point of this over AOE2DE.

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So why do you want day and night in multiplayer then.
You seem to be part of the single player crowd.

I noticed there is a night mission in the Mongol campaign, there are even crickets as ambience.

The engine deifinitely support nights, would be nice to have time of day selectable in the skirmish. I think it would be really easy and low effort for the devs to make it all the above considered.


YES mod is reason why im buying from steam and not MStore


Yes, but its too bright and yellow game and night mode will be nice and balancing, i didnt say make ultra darkness night. But devs not reading forum because so many implementations is not good at all.

Majority dont like it? No i think they will more like it, i said just make easy night cycle for 3:30 min with low darkness level man without effects to villagers… I dont find reason why they cant like it, sometimes aoe look like crap, because there is no night, its unreal and more boring, it can help to make battle atmosphere more interesting.


Totally agree. It doesn’t need to be in multiplayer games but only in campaigns.

What disappoints me is that in the last AoE2 DLC devs introduced this day/night cycle
but it is not inherent to the AoE4.


We had threads like that pop up a lot in the past and always a large number of people started replying that they don’t want it.


Why aoe4 dont have day/night cycle
Game engine sucks, simple as.

^^ I love how people just spew nonsense without even thinking or caring about the accuracy of their statements. The campaign literally has a day night cycle. It’s just not a part of multi-player

it should be whit multiplayer and affect game mecanic. I dont say all map, but at least one xD

Lol what? which aoe2DE DLC introduced the day night cycle? I never seen it

I did enjoy the day/night cycle from AoM. It would be great to see it as an option in AoE4

See Poland Campaign 5

Many guys enjoy day/night cycle in settings, its avaible only in some campaigns.