Suggestions about Burmese

After the big nerfs lately for the Arambai and battle elephants in general, and with the bad archery range, Burmese became worse than before, even though they have a decent knight line, however I think they need some buffs to give them a better performance in general, and here is some suggestions:

  • Arambai stray shots do 75% (instead of full) damage to the unit they hit.
  • Arambai wood cost reduced to 65W (was 75), gold reduced to 55G (was 60).
  • Elite Arambai upgrade cost reduced to 1000F, 500G (was 1100F, 675G).
  • Archery range units receive +1Pa (in castle age).
  • Monastery techs 30% cheaper (was 50%).

I was thinking to give their Elephants a bonus like 10% or 15% resistance to conversion, since this fit them as a monk civ but I don’t know how this will affect on other civs to counter them, so I ruled out this option.

Why do you want to nerf my favorite monk bonus? It isn’t that OP.


It is really strong. 50% discount for Monastery seems really ridiculous, you can just research any tech ez, 30% will still good option too, but 50% is too much.

You already stated they are a weak civ let them keep this one.


Yeah I gave buffs too, but those buffs will need a balance to the civ in other ways, not for free (lol). Their Monastery will remain the best in the game.

is it really though? even when arambai were busted before Burmese were hardly a good Arabia civ, and monks are more or less a niche unit that fall off quickly in Arabia style games, so is a 50% discount really all that strong?

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Yes it is really tough. With their 50% discount for their Monastery, the siege/knight/monk push against them is literally nothing, they can ez get redemption and atonement and sanctity at the same time without any problem, and at the same time make their monk push OP.

The monk and siege push is not the only time when you can use monks.

so explain the lackluster winrates they had before then. and as is, you’re basically nerfing them as is, period. so they are going to get even worse. congratulations.


The buffs that I listed says why their winrate is bad. Burmese are Elephant and monk civ, and both of these options are not even a core for their military, however, this doesn’t mean their Monastery discount is fine. All in all, the winrates in general are not a decisive factor to nerf/buff civ, because the civ maybe have an OP thing but other options are bad, Koreans winrate are bad, but War Wagons need a nerf, even Burmese winrate with the old Arambai was bad too, but in the end they nerfed the Arambai.

If win-rates aren’t the deciding factor in nerfing or buffing a civ, the devs could just design the most fun civ and keep them like that. I never knew one human being could troll so much.


and yet again, point is - you’re literally nerfing the civ as is. your changes? net result is a nerf. to a civ that just isn’t good. even if you left the monk bonus alone your net change is a nerf.

and the devs have made it obvious elephants are a team game unit with the changes in the past year. so yeah making them the core of the 1v1 army isn’t a good idea.

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The civ not only has bad win-rates, but also the lowest pick-rate. So there’s something off with the civ for sure.


A nerf? They will still have the cheapest Moanstery, they will have free +1Pa for their archery range and cheaper UU and cheap elite upgrade, 30% discount still pretty decent, but 50% is really too much.

Because they are the only civ with a Monastery discount (except Chinese of course).

It’s like a race to see who’s gonna reply first.



yes a nerf.

which is worse then it was before, and monastery is very niche - go look at pro games and tell me how many monks you see in your average game. either way this is a nerf.

which means nothing because their archery range is terrible and even lacks the final two armor upgrades. so congrats. now they have crossbows with +1/2 armor total, and lacking thumbring. that isn’t much of a buff.

which also does less damage, making it cheaper does nothing, because the unit requires a castle to mass up. so congrats this is a nerf.

i don’t think so.

so you nerfed the monastery bonus. you nerfed the unique unit. you buffed the utterly useless archery range to slightly less utterly useless.

how is this not a nerf?

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They have decent cavalier already and FU Hussar and decent UU and tanky elephatns, and free lumber camp upgrades, the +1Pa actually is more than enough and they will even have the better xbows with free +1Pa in early castle age than any other civ. The 30% monastery will still a big advantage.

and still doesn’t make them a good civ.

which you are nerfing.

which rarely get used.

and still isn’t making them a good civ.

it will? better then korean xbows which get the full armor upgrade for free?
better then britons xbows which come out faster and get extra range? better then ethiopian xbows which fire faster? better then tatar xbows which get free thumbring? better then mayans xbows which are cheaper? and once any other civ researches thumbring and armor upgrades you’re back to being behind. so congrats.

and yet still nerfed.

so again, please tell me how this is not a nerf?

So we are here to discuss, then what do you think? Give them +1Pa in castle and +1Pa in imp and keep the 50% cheaper monastery?! I don’t think so.