Suggestions for 2 of my favorite civs that fall behind France and German in terms of options

I like these 2 civs. They make me feel powerful but they can lack in some areas.
If we do a comparison to other civs.
Brits get a Super OP ranger
French get a Super Dragoon upgradeable by x5 cards via Bourbon
Ottomans get everything with their church card
Germans get Mercs and Nat Super buff.

As of now

Spain has no economic theory. No special Mercs unlocked from Age ups. Sure you can argue with soldados but no one really uses them in treaty as much as you would like to think.

Portugal gets a Archaic Upgrade. Which again doesnt do much for them in treaty. Muskets and Cassadors outperform all the time and remove the point of needing them. They are instant train sure. But they do not give a significant push like German Mercs and Native card.

If they cant have all of the features below. Maybe two or three of them would be enough to maybe boost these cool civs to a certain degree.


Tercio Drills- Pikemen and Rodeleros now have an aura that increases the melee resistance of other types of infantry nearby by .10 and increases the HP of Pikes and Rodeleros by 10% (IF ABOLITION OF TERCIOS Is in the deck this card cannot be added)
BALANCE; Auras do not stack

Abolition of Tercios(1704)-All cards concerning Pikemen and Rodeleros and Crossbowmen are transformed into cards that will now boost Skirmishers and Musketeers.Pikemen,Rodeleros and Crossbowmen can no longer be trained. All Pikemen and Rodeleros become musketeers and all crossbowmen become skirmishers. Musketeers and Skirmishers gain +10% HP and +10% damage. Industrial Age.
BALANCE: 2000 Coin Cost

Segovian Artillery Schools- Increases the attack speed of Falconets, Culverins, horse artillery by a small amount and decreases their coin cost by 10%
-this is in line to allowing Spain to have an artillery card like everyone else. At least 1 wouldn’t hurt

Conquistador Rival-Ships a second explorer and gives explorers a mount. Increasing the HP by 100% and damage of the Explorer by 50%. As well as their movement speed.(Industrial Age)
Explorer becomes Cavalry
Gains Trample ability

Convent of Spain- Church becomes convent which has 100% more HP and can now heal nearby units but increases the cost of the Church by 50%. All church become upgrades are 20% cheaper.

Spanish Galleon Cannoneers- Increase the damage of Galleons by 20% and gives Galleons a charged attack that slow the attack speed of other war ships.

Dogs of War-Increases the damage and HP of War Dogs by 40% and give them a charged attack that decreases the attack and movement speed of Infantry.

Italian Contracts- Ships 4 Elmeti and allows you to train Elmeti and Armored Pistoleers at the Saloon, Stables/Barracks and Galleon.
-Cost 1200 coin
-I am aware that both units are 4 pop. And its fine if its just from the saloon.

Missions of the New World- Once you send this Card you will be allied to the Jesuit Mission on your Native Embassy gaining access to their upgrades and units.
-Unlike Ethiopia and Mexico. The Jesuits Conquistadors will cost pop.

Encomienda- Your Settlers gather coin and food from all sources 15% faster but become more expensive and train slower. Industrial age card.
-Cost and Train time- 25%

Lancing Schools- Unlocks lancers at age 2 and transforms all hussars into Lancers
-800 coin cost


Royal Commerce Volunteers- Ships 10 Musketeers and 5 hussars. +10% HP and damage for Hussars and musketeers. Industrial Age Card

Imperial Embassy- Allows the recruitment of Indian and South American units overseas at the Native Embassy but increases the coin cost of Barracks and Stable units by 5%. (nah. Reintegration of Jesuits sounds cooler)

Mollucas Trade Monopoly- All Coin is Exchanged for 60% Food and 40% Wood
(Or All food is exhanged for 55% coin and 45% Wood)

Reintegration of the Jesuits- Your Explorer can now heal and your Native Embassy Allies you with the Jesuits(Special Native unit that speaks Portuguese Instead of Spanish) Allowing you access to their upgrades at the native Embassy.
-Unlike Ethiopia and Mexico. The Jesuits Conquistadors will cost pop.

Affix Bayonets!- Increase the melee damage of all Gunpowder Infantry by 20% and increase their movement speed while in melee mode. Cassadors get 10% more health in melee mode.

Portuguese Defensive Bastion- Forts now provide a HP and resistance bonus to nearby Infantry and Artillery. +5%HP and +0.05 resist. Ships a Fort Wagon
(can be both forts and town centers or just Forts)

Colonial Hand Cannons-Ships 5 Hand Cannoneers and Allows you to train them from the Barracks and Saloon. Age 2 Card cost 400 coin.

Distant Blood- Revolutions become cheaper and all settlers do not become revolutionaries but stay settlers.
1500 Wood cost. Industrial Age
-15% Cheaper

Make Infinite Version of Akan Ankobia card


Due to the presence of the card “Holy Incense Oil”, the Spaniards are a clearly militarily dominant civilization in treaties. In my known treaty rankings, Spain is at the same level of civilization as Britain, France, and Germany. Moreover, their enhanced cards can strengthen the common indigenous warriors on treaty maps, making them a very superior treaty civilization in military terms. Similarly, due to the presence of four times the anti infantry Spanish Spear Knights, It can break the restraint inertia of musketeers and heavy cavalry to a certain extent. In my understanding, Spain doesn’t really need a lot of reinforcement. Perhaps changing the reconquering movement to unlock Jesuit troops and Jesuit technology for Spain is a very suitable reinforcement. there are not enough players in Spain, probably because most players cannot break away from the traditional military restraint perspective and are not good at Spanish processes, But Spain itself is a quite strong treaty civilization, and for the world’s top treaty experts, it is even stronger than Britain, France, and Germany, and is truly a top tier T1 country

As for Portugal, their treaty status is indeed slightly awkward, and church technology lacks significance in enhancing crossbowmen and spearmen. Crossbowmen without steel crossbows are not very practical in the later stages, let alone Portugal, which does not have the national effect of Malta’s card to increase health. Before the previous version of the Portuguese business station card was weakened, they could rely on excellent process operation scores to fight. However, unfortunately, this card has been weakened and there is not enough supplementation. Their strength in the treaty is now far away from the strength of frontline countries such as Britain, France, Germany, and Spain. Perhaps they should be given some indigenous forces related to the Americas or Africa as their allies? However, in any case, its current status in the treaty is still much better compared to countries like Aztec and India, which are at the bottom.

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I know what Unction does. The one that gives priests an ability to boost damage of nearby units. But c0me on gotta admit that they gotta have more options and new builds to explore. I know that the current Spain is fine but… Its not harm to explore new builds. Also Spain is the only European civ with nothing special in terms of artillery.

For example. The Germans have 2 units that transforms via card.
War Wagon>Prince Chevalier
It expands what a civ can have and have more interesting build order. But do they need it? Fuck no. Is it fun? Yes! Especially if you want to try something new.

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In fact, as far as this concept is concerned, what Spain probably needs more is a card to turn its dragoon into Spanish conquerors? Or a card similar to the old French system that can train Jesuit warriors

Similarly, the Spanish are also the only European country that can use the strength of infantry and cavalry to force opponents out of artillery battles. If the opposing side invests too much resources in artillery battles, they cannot defeat the Spanish troops in frontal confrontation. Ordinary musketeers cannot defeat the Spanish Lancers

besides the fact that this will just stack ontop of unction and peninsular guearillas the fact that its industrial makes it just not viable.

I think allowing for 3 units to flip is not a bad idea but no one is going to mass one type of unit , keeping them alive , which will also involve teching into them and then having to get a guard upgrade after paying 2k coin. its just bad. like imagine mass xbow in age 3, as spain you already have the option of going age 4 with the papal guard to save on upgrade cost. why you send this card.

make it age 3, remove the cost and the buff and its a fun surovov reform style card for spain


I see, That could work. But i kinda want a permanent change. for the duration of the game as well as buff…Incentive for no longer being able to play spain’s Archaics. The coin cost needs to stay for balance as not only will it boost stats of units but also turn your weaker units stronger ones in sup.

1000 coin i think. Also i dont like the politician for Archaics on age 3. would want that to change too.

I agree, but I’m scared that they’ll nerf the conquerors, I’m loving using them (Reconquista card) in 1vs1 supremacy with that area attack.

I have to try them with france on the correct map…

In fact, logically speaking, both Mexico and Ethiopia have Jesuit alliances, and it is not unreasonable for Spain to do so. Just like the old French system of card unlocking bourbon alliances, Spain can limit its population and increase its trainable limit, such as to 20. At the same time, for Jesuit technology, take two out of three and remove the smokeless powder technology owned by Mexico and Ethiopia, Allowing the Jesuits in Spain to ally with two other technologies that can correspond and are relatively reasonable, without overly strengthening the Spanish army

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A lot of, I’d even say all, civs could get something like a native embassy wagon card giving them one or two native alliance options. This will make the natives more useful than the map-dependent ones.

Spanish - Habsburg and Jesuit
British - Hannover
Sweden - Vasa and Oldenburg

Keep it a unique trait that some civs (ie civs that already have this feature) get more and better options. Also those cards could only unlock the units, and unlocking the techs remain a unique feature for some civs.


In fact, in terms of seriousness, I hope that the official will refine more minor civilizations, such as adding Stuart, Liurik, Hunyati or Gryf to the European map, adding Muiska, Quito, Guarani to the American map, splitting Buddhism to the Asian map, adding Southeast Asia Theravada Buddhism and Himalayan Tibetan Buddhism etc

But its kind of a dillema right now…
By giving France and Germany so much.

They made us Spain and Port players feel less…And if they do update these civs with features others already have and killing the uniqueness. We feel that we become complete. But it will leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

I feel that having a native alliance like the Ethiopians,Hausa,Inca,Germans,French,Mexico is a copy paste thing and it makes me mad that i think its one of the only ways to buff these amazing civs. I feel conflicted and these ideas might not have been thought of thoroughly.

Do we want a copy and paste of something? It makes me cringe a bit but i appreciate everything the devs had done to make players enjoy the classic German and French civs.

I wouldn’t say that’s killing the uniqueness. There are so many cards that have similar functions across civs. This is not like other AOEs where you only have a fixed set of unique traits, or the core unique mechanic of AOE3 civs. It is more like the mercenary cards —— everyone has this feature but the contents vary.

yeah but again as long as its in industrial it will never be worth it to send a card to get units that you will also have to get upgrades , if you want to make it worth it you also have to give them guard upgrades which no one will allow 3 vet and guard techs being granted, especially not after lakota got something like that and became completely busted

also permanent buffs are a no go since unction scales off current stats so any attack buffs are also scaled up, spanish skrims and musks get some funny stats with unction so giving them permanent stat buffs is not advised. Peninsular guerillas is already a big buff for spanish skirms and musk and they are beginning to scale it back so adding another buff to that is a long shot

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still hoping they buff spain and Mex by adding new options. That dont make them OP. But allow more strategies.

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If you all can remember what the Devs did to Boost Ottomans and Germans.

I would say Devs can give Spain a significant boost. Even if its not what i Mentioned above.
Hacienda and x7 Lancers are good but not good enough. Hacienda can only be rebuilt if you revolt to Mexico

But if you compare it on a list to what Newer patches had civs to offer i would say its laughable. Do you agree Amigos? It can be anything to level them slightly higher. :slight_smile:

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I Can still hope for a Spain Boost with original content that doesnt borrow from DLC.

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I want this arquebuisers!

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Yeah, I’d love to see some armoured arquebusier for Spain.