Some suggestions for majority of Civilizations

Change Wishlist for AOE3

-Add a button for Estates and Mills to unstick Settlers from being stuck
-Allow Visibility of Natural resources on water
-Huntables glow if you hover your mouse over them(Some are very difficult to see)
-Rally point for Livestock pens and farms once animals fatten
-Forts have special abilities depending on the civilization
-Enable Capitols to generate a tiny amount Exp

-Armored Pistoleer at 3 pop but aura range reduced by 15% and HP reduced by 10%
-Restoration Wagon for Asian Civs- Allows every Asian Civilization to rebuild one lost Wonder ONCE

Unknown map variation
Swamp. Crocodiles wander around the swampy area of the map and attack nearby units. The crocodiles cannot be converted.

-Give any European Civ infinite Hussars

-Revert some mercs back to 2 pop like the Manchu
-Allow Yojimbo,Irontroops and Jat Lancers back into the Random Pool of Mercenaries(If not shadowtech these mercs for respective Civilizations that have access to them)

Civilzation adjusment suggestions and maybe some buffs and nerfs

-If every card of Grenadier upgrades is sent from the homecity. The Grenadier is given a Royal Guard name and 5% additional hitpoint boost
-Increase Infinite Grenadier card from 6 to 7
-Queen’s Sappers(new card) enable Grenadiers to build Walls and Outposts slowly
-Drummers from age up cost 1 pop or no pop but reduce the amount of drummers to 4

-If every card of Grenadier upgrades is sent from the homecity. The Grenadier is given a Royal Guard name and 5% additional attack boost
-Dakarlian Rebellion card can be sent twice.
-Svea Lifeguard also affects minutemen

-Landowners(Card)=Nefed eco theory
+10% to gathering from both coin and food from Farming buildings
+5% to everything else

-Increase War Dog build limit by 1 upon reaching industrial age

Other stuff

-Age 3 Donatarios also decrease the cost of Town Centers by -50 wood or Increase the Line of Sight of Town Centers

Other Stuff

-nerf Ancien Regime Royal Dragoon build limit to 16 from 20
-increase build limit of Royal Musketeers to 16 from 15

-add a side effect for at least one of their unique mosque upgrades
-better age 1 explorer card that adds something besides speed
-a functional team card like team infantry hp from dutch that can be used in every mode
-Azap Naval Operations(card age 3) Allows Galleys to train Azaps slowly
-I cedid reform(card age 4)- Transforms all Jannisaries into Nizam Fusiliers but the cost of all miltary units are increased for 5 minutes.
-Mameluke Reinforcement(infinite card age 4)-ships 4 Mamelukes and 2 Gatling guns 2000 coin cost.

-enable Merchants to be able to see the native embassy button on the command bar when allied to natives. Players misunderstand and think they cannot build them.

-new mechanic merchants can be tasked on tradeposts to increase the Xp and resources earned from them (this is to make their name as merchant stand out more)
-Increase amount of Halbediers from infinite 8 Halberdiers into 9

-Remove the card that transforms Rekruts into Northern Musketeer.
-Counter Dragoons can shadowtech to Imperial age.
-infinite Oprichnik (age 3 card) cost 650 food. Delivers 5 Oprichniks
-Scorched Earth (age 1-3 card) non military buildings destroyed by the enemy slow down nearby units and only reward half Experience when destroyed.

-Slightly reduce multiplier of war wagons vs Artillery.
-Landwehr reforms can be sent a second time to switch their cost food and coin
-decrease settler limit to 90 to make players aware that you can actually train settler wagons

-Papal units are sent faster from the Cathedral via the age 4 card. Make it a tiny bit more noticeable
-Reduce the size of the cathedral by a bit.
-Priests are now Popes/Bishops and have a build limit of 10. They heal more and have more hitpoints.

-Unique skin for Order Hussars and Dragoons to appear more knightly.
-Resilient Bastion(Age 3 card) removes normal age 3 fort wagon. In addition to a fort. Forts now heal like a field hospital.
-Stone mason removed= Fortress masons
Settlers build 50% faster and the coin cost of forts is reduced by 100.
-Circle of Ossus rises (Age 4 card) - Sentinels and Hospitalers now use the Boneguard skin. Dealing 10% less attack but having 15% more hitpoints.(FANTASY)

-An expensive age up that allows a 2nd General to be available. For Imperial age i guess to deny the use of the Texas Age up.
-Age 3 Blockhouse card increases the cost of outposts from the State Capitol
-Declaration of Independence (Age 3 card)-Temporarily increases the production speed of all buildings and Gather rate of all villagers by 50%
-Manifest Destiny- Temporarily increases the attack of all military units except canons and ships by 25% however also disabling the ability to trains Native Warriors for 5 minutes

-Cows use a model similar to the Zebu Cattle
-Camel Hitpoints card (Age 2)
-Can Gather from small herdables sheep and goat for example but they no longer Generate EXP
-Naval change- Gurab and Galivat replacement for some European naval ships so they match the design of Indian Dockyards.

-Alternative Age 5. Westernization from the Consulate.
-Ashigaru Long Yari(age 3 card) Increase the Melee range of Ashigaru

-Infinite hire 10 Rattan shields increase number to 14/12 Rattan shields but increase cost to 1200 coin.
-Dowager Empress can be sent a second time after aging to Imperial.
-Mandarin Mercenary Army(10 Manchu and 7 Iron Troops) Now infinite
-Infinite 8 Hand Mortar

-Universal Gather rate is decreased by 5% when revolting

-Buff something rational. To make for some of the nerfs the past patches

-Nothing of significance to note

-Nothing of significance to note

-Leman Trade Muskets(age 2 card)- Can be sent a second time upon reaching the Industrial Age

-Nothing of significance

-Slightly reduce the additional stats added from the promotion of Jaguar knights
-Advanced Estate or equivalent(To make it easier to play in Survival)


-With all the nerfs that Italy suffered, I think that the Papal Arsenal card should reduce the arrival time of shipments from the basilica by 50% as it did originally.
-Regarding the size I have no opinion, in any case I would remove the strange Pisa tower that it has.
-Giving bishops seems like a good idea to me, but I think they should not cost population. (instead of more hit points give them more movement speed, they are very slow)

I also think that if the bishops are added, the papal arsenal should allow them to access the Deflection ability, in this way the Italian units will see their rebirth. (this version of Deflection should work with Cavalry and infantry)

Another alternative would be to give the bishops the same effect of the Unction card. (obviously with papal arsenal)

I wonder how feasible it would be for Age III’s Mercenary Contractor plus the advanced politicians card to reduce the population by -1 of Mounted Rifleman and Royal Horseman instead of giving us a Mounted Rifleman.

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This would make the natives even more penalized, dunno if it is the right thing to do.

Same thing of the forts, even though natives have the community plaza for xp generation that come as price for not gathering other resources, of course if in age 5 native tc get the same xp generation it might be fine.

No, never, protect your wonders and place them where you know you can protect them, if you don’t protect them then you should have no right to build new again.

Nah, i have a better idea, remove age 2 cav cards from every civs.

Ah hell no! Otto deserve nerfs not buffs even if small.

They have already shadowteching siphai, this is just redundant.

Awful suggestion, so no.

This issue can also be fixed by making both building garrisonable

I wish this is a standard in all water map

Yes please, some revo need this

I imagine this work the same as Factory Wagon yes? If you somehow can get 3 FW, the last one can only create Factory when 1 of the Factory is destroyed.

My wish for mercenary as a whole is mercenary pop is base unit pop +1, so no merc whose base unit is 2 pop, the merc version also 2 pop. After that the stats is readjusted as a whole.

1 more thing to add is to rework the dance hall card to make it unique for all faction instead of just some random Ronin in all european tavern.

I want to add for Hauds, the card that greatly enhances wood gathering but change the coin cost of both Forest Prowler and Musket Rider to wood is just not viable in long game where Native civ is already at a disadvantage. The card does make Kanya and Tomahawk more viable in game, but at the cost of 100 wood per Musket Rider is never worth it.

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FIs are already insanely good and this will just mean build Jans than do all the pops from various shipments and church techs. No need to train much. How does one kill 40 Nizams, 5 Great Bombards?

Ottomans actually need to not get any buffs atm. A few things need to be nerfed, I made some suggestions in this thread:

Ashis don’t need a buff.

USA doesn’t need any buffs. They might not need any nerfs, but they differently don’t need any buffs and these would be unbelievable huge.

Seems unnecessary. Why a random nerf to WWs?

Why? I hardly even seen this used.

Portugal could probably use something for treaty or extreme late game, I don’t think this is it.

What? Lets not do more random stuff that makes everything needlessly complicated…

This seems like a good idea.

No. If you can’t protect it that’s your problem. Let’s not have Japan rebuilding their Shogunate.

A lot of things in this list in general felt like “changes for the sake of changes” without having a clear reason for doing so. You suggested random buffs and nerfs with little justification, and a few of the larger buffs were for civs with the least need of them. USA is either fine or needs some nerfs, and Ottoman could definitely use some nerf (I don’t see enough USA to properly gauge their balance, but they are definitely pretty strong.). Overall, a lot of the things seemed needlessly complicated, and I don’t think we need more of that in the current civs. In general, I think it’s best to explain “x is a problem for a, b, c, reasons, I believe doing y will fix it”. That way a more substantive discussion can be had.

These would be great though.

maybe an idea here would be for mills and estates to be able to garrison 1 or 2 settlers each, so if villagers get stuck they can be garrisoned and then ejected.

eh, why?

that is an extremely specific bonus, it is also way too hidden, bad idea imo.


I kinda want an inf pistoleer shipment again, even if it is not a teamcard for italy. But pistoleers also need to be lower pop than mamlucks and consorts

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This are the best ideas. I would add that sometimes Guardians are kind of hard to see, so maybe you could do something with that

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The Theaters and Dance Hall should provide western mercenary unit rather than Ronins.

Similarly, it would be good to have the Arsenals have an effect, even a small one, after all the technologies are researched.

I would directly ask for a reduction in the possible maximum cap for Basilica, from 3 to 2.
The XP trickles can be increased accordingly to keep the total value the same.

Name it nagae yari, and you get a better Japanese flavor.

Don’t take my northern musk plz
No ossus for Malta either—we don’t want actual just straight up fantasy I think.

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Now the card of an economic building + 7 sheep can be converted into a hacienda if you have sent the viceroyalty card.

The reconquista card enables the training of conquistadors at the native embassy. (Infinite Mayan Shipping removed)

The 9 infinite fanar skirmishers improve with each age advancement or can be upgraded through the native embassy.

They definitely should.

Absolutely. Ronin are cool however for Euros it always feels odd. It’s better for them to keep them as part of a merc shipment (for the relevant Euro civs).

Either an existing merc or a completely new merc for Europeans we’ve not seen in AoE3 which can cover all Theaters/Dance Hall shipments liks the Ronin do at the moment.

As we’re talking Theaters and Dance Halls, why not a ‘Merc’ version of a Drummer?

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Instead of Ronin, the Theaters card could allow you to train 2 fixed mercenaries for each civ, such as the same mercenaries that The Mercenary Contractor (III) allows you to train, and I would change this Politician to deliver a few mercenaries.

Ronin would be cool if they also wouldn’t (like the armored pistoleer) cost 4 pops and then beeing outclassed by all other mercs.
But saying that, i feel like the imperial upgrades for mercs should be tied to the corresponding cards for all civilisations.

I like this change.

Here’s a wishful addition to the politician:

The Mercenary Contractor
Delivers a Mercenary Captain - an officier of sorts (holds a partisan as his melee weapon, though woudl rather avoid combat!) who emboldens nearby Mercenary-tagged units.

The rodelero should also count as an archaic unit.