Suggestions on game balance

Hey guys, I’m longbow wall, a PVP player with about 1800 score on ladder. My User name in game is 长弓不拉墙 and 十五斤三十块. You may found that I haven’t played 长弓不拉墙 during this time, because I’m practicing the new civ on 十五斤三十块.

These days, I summarized some opinions about the game balance, And discussed with some guys with higher scores, and finally kept the following parts. I hope these words can give some ideas to Dev of game balance.


The Swedes regular build is strong but easy to change. So I justgive advices of some special points.


1.Gustavian Guards (1500 food for 16 halberdiers) should be nerfed, such as change to 1450 gold for 15 halberdiers.

2.The price of Savolax Jaegers should be changed into 100 food 100 gold, or 90 wood 100 gold (from 100 wood 100 gold).

3 (Optional). Remove 9 Irish Brigadiers in age 2, or move them into age 3 for pve players.


I hardly played Russian, but i know Russian need a buff, especially enhance the tactical choices in age2.


1.Add at least 1 way to FF, maybe work with the church card. For example, we can remove the Excile Prince, make the westernization in church get the effect of fast age-up and adjust its price.

2.Revert the effect of Boyars.

3 (Optional). Give a reliable outlaw or native card in age2.


Inca now is balanced most of the time, but they still have a stupid weakness: anti-artillery.

Although Huaraca, the ranged anti-artillery unit of Inca, can deal high damage to artillery theoretically, only 20 range they have, which means they will be attacked by artilleries and other soldiers around the artilleries first before they attack the artilleries. What’s more, when face to three or more artilleries, it is scarcely possible for them to match the cost performance of other anti-artillery units like Hand Mortar and Arrow Knight.

Although Huaraca seems to have 30 damage to infantry, it is almost useless - they are even less cost-effective than musketeers when attacking infantry.

In addition, the range of Jungle Bowman in age 3 was also too weak. It is really ridiculous for a civ that have only a 17-range skirmisher in the fortress age.


  1. Add the range of Huaraca to 23, give them 40% ranged resistance and 50% resistance to artillery (just like Arrow Knight). Add the range to 26 with the upgrade of Champion Huaraca.

  2. Add 2.00 to Range Attack Maximum Range and LOS in Elite Jungle Bowman.


The main dispute over balance of Chinese is on the blockhouse from Russian consulate.
With this blockhouse, Chinese can rush, defence, and FF safely, quit flexible in age2, which makes them unpredictable and hard to interrupt.

Of course we can just remove the blockhouse to solve this problem. However, this could only make Chinese go back to the age of FF because they have almost no more choice in age2 ever.


1.Add the price of Blockhouse to 275 export, allow the Blockhouse to train Flamethrower and handmortar (to make the Chinese abandon the blockhouse tactics in early game).

2.Move Mongolian Army and Black Flag Army to War Academy, or just move the Mongolian Army to War Academy (to make Chinese have ability to fight in age2 for a long time, or they could only train hand cav with a lot of useless archers).

3(Optional). Lock the ability of receiving military shipment of village in age2, decrease the LOS of village, decrease the cost of Aisan Castle to 250 wood.

4(Optional). Increase the training time of Forbidden Army to 33s.

5(Optional). Decrease the buff to Keshik of Mongolian Scourge that “add 1.00 to Damage Bonus against Hand Shock Infantry” to “add 0.75 to Damage Bonus against Hand Shock Infantry” (this is dispensable because the Changdao Sowrdsman have a low damage bonus against hand shock infantry, which could be regarded as a punishment of Mongolian Scourge’s buff to Keshiks ).

6.Cancel the goat in the beginning of the game, and give a goat with 200 food when reach age 3. To slow down the FF of Chinese.


I don’t know how to change Indians. I used to proposed to decrease the damage bonus to cavalry of sepoy to 2, then I was mocked by Warsword (top four placings in King of the Old World Cup), lol.


  1. Decrease the effect of Temple of Tlaloc Support to “add 4 to Eagle Runner Knight’s range” to “add 2 to Eagle Runner Knight’s range”, and increase the number of delivered Eagle Runner Knight to 6 or 7 (it is really unfair for any civ to have a unit that in high speed, high damage, high range and 1pop, don’t it?).

  2. Let the warrior priest not be selected by the hotkey that “Find All Military”, PLZ!!!


Ethiopians is really weak now, so they need a buff.

The Shotel Warrior need to be changed. Because on the one hand, they are too strong while facing to the civ that use Heavy Infantry to against the Heavy Cavalry and Shock Infantry; on the other hand, they are too weak while facing the civ that use Light Cavalry to against the Heavy Cavalry and Shock Infantry.

–by. Warsword, who used to gain the top four placings in King of the Old World Cup, also known as 伊吹·香织

United States

Coffee Mill Guns need tweaks. In last patches, Gatling Gun is a OP unit because they can defeat light cavalry after the Coffee Mill Guns. Even no longer afraid of heavy cavalry, as long as some units can stop them - whether they are heavy infantry or not. Which means the only thing can counter them is anti-artillery unit, like culverin. This makes the Gatling Gun become too versatile.


The OP point for Maltese is they have a perfect combination with the Wall, Crossbowman and Culverin: The wall can protect crossbowman and Culverin from heavy cavalry. The Crossbowman can repulse most of the enemy. The Culverin of Maltese is so strong that they can Kill all the enemy’s artillery easily, even they will get an unreasonable advantage in the battle with other culverin after sending the eighth shipments: Other civ’s Culverin needs three shots to kill Maltese’s Culverin, but Maltese’s Culverin only needs two shots to kill other civ’s Culverin. So it is better to make the artillery no longer be buffed by 2% hitpoint of the health from each shipment, also the Fixed Gun and ship.

What’s more, Maltese Crossbowman is too flexable, cheap, and fast to train. They can siege the buildings in 18 ranges and retreat whenever they need. So it is better to reduce the siege attack by a half just like Longbowman, and lengthen their trainning time keep up with Skirmisher.

The UP point for Maltese is they are too weak to defence the FF + 2Falconet. And they are too weak to counter heavy cavalry in the medium and late game.


I like these suggestions!!!

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@LevitexIslam After reading this I prefer your balance changes and your “low nerf and low buff” theory.
No that there’s something awful written here but too many changes for civilizations and too many civilian mechanics changes without thinking about the other game modes as well. Some changes in my opinion will change the current meta to other civs and then ask for nerfs for those civs.


This balance suggests a good balance, it doesn’t make some of the play disappear completely, just makes them less unsolvable

Thabks for killing the only one way to fight skirmishers without losing all your eco.

Solidados is the most unbalanced unit in the game at the moment. Prove me wrong!

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soldados are expensive, occupy two population and take a long time to train; two musketers have similar dps, HP and cost. skirmisher, artillery or grenadiers can stop them. it is strong, but not the most unbalanced.

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Good post, I agree with everything. :+1:

Less with the huaraca, the huaraca cannot be anti artillery, anti buildings and anti infantry all at the same time, you should go back to the old huaraca and give it resistance to siege.

Some nice changes but some that don’t make much sense like coffee mill gatlings, go and test it yourself the card offers +15% attack it’s nothing special and there’s a reason it’s never even used at high level. They sound a lot more impressive with the firing animation but the actual change in attack is minor for a 1000 resource equivalent card.

Changes to huaraca I agree with their terrible anti-artillery units currently and inca are crap now with all the nerfs.

I disagree with malta changes, all they need are buffs. They have a low win rate and just because 1 of their units is strong after investing the equivalent of 3400 resources in cards is a non-issue. This civ badly needs several buffs it’s far too weak and people put too much weight on 1 game where they played against a maltese player laming walls and fixed guns and they got annoyed, the reality is they lose more than other civs do and are in a weak position as are inca and ports.

I’d add that portugals feitorias change needs reverting, if anything the nerf showed just how dependant they were on that card to be playable and now they’re trash again. I feel italy need a buff as well.


Too many people are playing Malta to make me believe this whole Malta is weak argument. Maybe at low levels but the mid players aren’t scared of it.

It’s 1 of the newest civs, italy were played a lot until their FI got nerfed hard. It’s perfectly normal for a new civ to be played a lot despite not performing well. Also according to the data available it’s picked half as much as brits, less than all the euro civs and only picked more than native and african civs which have always been the least popular. Lakota has a low pick rate despite performing very well, same with haud so it’s not just a case of bad civs not getting picked and everyone playing the strongest civs.


FF for Russia is not useful they don’t have strong FF shipment, better have some other buffs.

wow, thanks~~~~~~~~~ :laughing:

are you looking for: Coyote Knight ?

They arent that effective. Also they are easily countered by musketeers or by just a wall. That was partly solved thanks to mortars but not worth it since 6 pop slots cost. Aztecs need that number superiority that AKs and mortars remove

as what you say, for what can Aztec have such a ranged shocked infantry that can kill skirmisher?

lol, a guy who can eat twice meals, take twice the money and beat two guys

Un ejército de águilas está lejos de detener a uno de escaramuzadores, te lo puede decir cualquier jugador azteca, simplemente pueden enfrentarlos casi de igual a igual.

Los escaramuzadores contrarrestan a 4 de 6 unidades aztecas por bonus, mientras que ganan a los flecha también por cuestión de números. No por nada eran considerados los peores en tratado.

Ya fueron nerfeados con una disminución en su armadura, no hay necesidad de empeorarlos aún más.

In most cases, melee cavalry and melee shock infantry are the easiest way to fight against skirmishers. In fact, most of the civ are not suitable for training too many skirmishers because they are very weak. they can’t pursue and attack the enemy so well and they can’t run when facing to more enemy.