Swapped audio and Scouts tab in Historical Battles (Spanish - Spain)

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.35584.0 4714640
  • Platform Steam


The audios and the Scouts tab are swapped in some Historical Battles in Español (Spanish) language.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Playing the Historical Battles.

York (865)

Dos Pilas (648)

  • There are audios from Bukhara (557)

Bapheus (1302)

Honfoglalás (895)

Bukhara (557)

Kurikara (1183)

Lake Poyang (1363)

  • There are audios that I cannot identify them (Not sure if they are from York). For example the 3rd audio when the Chinese Villager speaks.
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Thank you for your diligence in reporting these issues, @ChillyNine2700! I’ve written them up for our QA team to investigate so we can work towards a fix!

Thanks again; keep them coming! =)

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