Sweden became the strongest again

Congratulations on the rollback of the nerf Sweden received.
But we forget what’s important. Instead of getting a nerf, they get another lot of bonuses, and they seem to forget to adjust those bonuses.

Eventually, Sweden resolved all its weaknesses and received the terrible auto-collecting building again. What are you guys thinking? Are you satisfied only when Sweden beats all civilizations?


Sweden was unplayable before to be fair. They needed a buff and the changes seemed reasonable to be fair
And caroleans still can’t counter ranged cav so the civ shouldn’t be nearly as broken as it was before


You seem to have forgotten that you can train Jaeger in Barracks.

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I take jaeger from barracks any time over the old carolean canon combo.
And its not like its that easy to mass them.
You need to spend almost 1k gold to ship them then 200 coin each + the fact that they train slower.
The other alternative is to use alow age up to go age 3.
Honestly I think Sweden is in a good spot. The blueberries buff is not huge as it doesnt give that much food to them, and ironworks hasn’t been touched.
These changes where needed because swedes where at an unplayable state

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Nerfing Sweden, Sweden players said unplayable.
Buffing Sweden, Non-Sweden players said unplayable.

Please remove this civ.


Not only that, but it also requires the use of mercenaries to achieve victory.
The card can activate it, the upgrade era can activate it, and the game starts to activate it for free, Maybe soon the shipping card will give away mercenaries for free

Why are Swedish mercenaries suddenly stronger than German ones? Did the devs forget the OG mercenary civ?


I am not biased because my most played civs are Lakota (lvl 80+), Ottoman (lvl 50) and Dutch (lvl 45).
I barely played Sweden but fought against it many times before they got nerfed so badly.
Before the big nerf, they were damn strong. They could lose in Supremacy only in a small window of 5 minutes before their eco would have go up. After the big nerf, they were an easy target in any 1v1.
After the latest patch, I started playing 10 games with Sweden and I can say that it’s playable again and their eco is pretty decent. Their eco fails though after the Torps run out of coin mines and you are forced to invest a lot in wood and eco cards. There is enough time for civs like France, Japan, Portugal, Britain to win against Sweden in late game.
Imo, Sweden is now well balanced.
+1 for giving them Crossbows since it’s hard to mass Jaegers to fight against civs that have very strong Skirms.


Obviously the development team wants Sweden to be an enhanced version of the German mercenary

Sweden back in the day was known for complementing their armies with mercenaries so they wanted to represent this in the game.
The civ lacks skirmishers and dragoons so they need to rely heavily on training mercs to compete. For this reason the civ needs mercs to be more accessible to them than other civs


Almost every European nation used mostly mercenaries, standing armies where a rare thing. In this logic every european civ should have a mercenary focus.
Germany was the mercenary civ in the original aoe3, but is being outdone by Sweden in almost every way now.

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Well the 30 hussars will surround and snare them to hell and the low hp of ranged cav will be destroyed by the hus carolean

This. I don’t know why so many people are complaining about Swe. I never play them, yet I’m fine facing them.

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Lovely isnt it :smiley:

About Sweden is OP or not, is not decided by feeling and players you played against.

Is from most of figures, reasons, etc.

why are you complaining so much

it is obvious that sweden has regained some of the lost abilities which is fair. the overnerf in the previous patch made it so no one want to play it anymore

why dont you figure out a strategy to beat them instead? when i play sweden i get beaten a lot! hahaha. maybe i am not so good after all. i play as russia, japan, brits as well.

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There was no overnerf in the last patch, sweeden players didn’t adapt and devs gave in to their QQ.

The only thing that should have been done differently was the size nerf.

Now their age2 is even more powerful than before with the addition of xbows.

adapt to what. it was clearly over the top. adjustments should be made incrementally. not smash it down in one go.

i certainly adapted. i played other civs. it was unplayable esp with the nonsense blueberries nerf and the torp radius rubbish. nerf of the carolean abilities was probably called for.

not sure why they put the xbows in there. it is an interesting addition to be fleshed out.

ppl moan and complain and got sweden nerfed… too much then some get rolled back but not totally… and still moan and complain. ha ah aha. the devs cant win i suppose.

fortunately they have the benefit of real statistics… and can make informed decisions on these adjustments. not the moaning of noobs who cannot figure out a strategy to beat them.

i had 99 villagers with russia and eco cards and had only 40000 score and a sweden player had 80000 on same time, the boom they can get isi huge they get 99 villagers and 20 houses , 2 factories, fishers
and the card that gives 12000 hp on mameluks with only 500 gold, please add that card to my main russia civ , PLEASE
sweden doesnt lose time, managing resources, they get automatically food and coin to spam units.

you are talking about treaty obviously. nobody really cares about “balance” in that game mode. supremacy is more important.