Swedish Crossbowman Upgrades

I’d like to see the Swedish crossbowman get the guard and imperial upgrades, just to help add versatility to the Swedish civ.

multiple threads now asking for lategame swedish buffs. concerning.


swedish need STEEL BOLTS card

They don’t need a buff. Sweden shouldn’t have crossbowmen at all.

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Their only use is to prevent sweden from being completely useless against dragoons.
Clearly if devs wanted to give them skirmishers they could have, but they chose xbows for balance purposes.

They actually didn’t choose Crossbows. Sweden originally had no standard light infantry unit.

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So dev chose to give them xbows.

That’s not a choice, they had to have xbows to be viable without a super op Caroleans. It’s not like skirms or any other unit were ever under consideration.