Swiss DLC

With the Definitive Edition and the 2 DLCs many European nations where added which all played an interesting role in medivial europe. That leads me to the question: why are the Swiss never considered nor mentioned.

The history of the Swiss confedaration starts in the 13th century and since then they never lost a battle (Except that Napoleon guy). The Swiss reinvented the Greek phalanx and ended the domination of heavy cavalry. Swiss soldiers had unparralleled determination on the battlefield and no regard for established “warfare”-etiquette. This made Swiss the most-sought and best mercenaries in whole of Europe and they were instrumental to so many conflicts. (Thus the Swiss guard in Vatican). Nowadays, the German “Landsknechte” are more popularly known, but they were a mere copy of the Swiss troops and only tried to mirror their success.

I always figured that AOEII only features huge empires (as the name suggests) but with all the recent additions, I don’t see any reason why the Swiss can’t find a place in AOEII. A campaign about how the Swiss confederation was conquered, defended and built would lend itself perfectly as content. It starts of course with some farmers beating the hell out of the evil Habsburger and subsequently defeating French and Austrian armies while being completely outclassed and outnumbered.

I would model them as a strong infantry civilization. They should be a defensive civ that shines in closed terrain and elevation. Military-wise, their strategy was to create a highly mobile, dense formation of fighters “Gewalthaufen” (literally “Pile of violence”).

Unit concept:

  • Unique upgrade to pikemen (replaces halbedier)
    • Historic connection: The Phalanx formation was the core piece of the Swiss success, it completely changed the current meta
  • UU: “Doppelsöldner”, high-HP two-handed-swordsman
    • means: double-mercenary. These were the guys on the front that would break enemy formation. For that, they were paid double salary (hence the name)
  • Fully upgraded crossbows.
  • Weak cavarly options: The Swiss didn’t have nobility.
  • No gunpowder: The ultimate downfall of the Swiss troops was their reluctance to adopt new technologies.
  • civ bonuses should be around infantry speed and HP
  • Attention RAW IDEA: When the HP of infantry is below a certain percentage, they regain few hitpoints and get a temporary boost in all offensive stats (including movement speed). If units get healed, they can reactivate that of course another time.

Economic concept
Swiss fought in almost every army that could afford them (Sometimes on both sides).

  • Both enemies and allies can hire Swiss UUs. The Swiss will receive a fraction of the cost. (Less from allies, more from enemies)
  • I would add some terrain related economy bonus (There are so many economy bonuses already, its hard to come up with new ones)

To summarize, I would love to see the addition of Swiss to the game. They played a unique role during the medivial time and I feel there is a lot of potential for interesting gameplay and maybe some new mechanics.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you like the idea of a Swiss addition?
Do you have suggestions about bonuses / weaknesses they should have?

Thanks for reading


I’d love to see swiss in the game. Doppelsöldner + Archers could be very interesting unit comp if implemented in a way like obuch.



So allies buy Swiss units as much as they can because it really isn’t an expensive unit since you’re sending rss to your ally and why would enemies buy the Swiss units if it gives the Swiss rss? I don’t think you thought that through very well

It’s a raw idea of course. I think an intersting mercenary mechanic would fit. But if a Swiss addition would come, I am sure the Devs would have their own idea. Thus, I am more interested to discuss the general idea of a Swiss civ

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Swiss & Venetians together would be a good DLC. Swiss were also an idea for a civ for AoC.


As a Swiss I don’t want Swiss considering we’re really not that important on the grander scheme of things and I really want a break from Euro civs for a while now.

Or how I would say it:

Chöi mer ned emau öppis anders ha aus meh Oiropa? Isch längwilig mit der Zyt.


Can we not have something else than more Europe? Is boring after a while.


I’d much rather get Vlachs and Serbs so Vlad Tepes isn’t portrayed as a Slav or Turk anymore. :joy:

Then again this has nothing to do with the topic so I’m out of here, peace.


In Dracula camplaign playing with different civs actually makes sence. In first mission you are sent with Ottoman support, later you seek supposrt from the Magyars. Its telling of the situation Vlachs had inthe period. They were always dependant on greater powers and being vassals. Plus the region known as Walachia consisted a good number of different peoples including Pechenegs, Cumans, Tatars, Bulgarians other slavs etc. They were never even a noticable regional power and you can hardly recognise anything unique about their military tactics or troops let alone to talk about unique technologies or units. Unless we include Transilvania (what was mostly dominated by the Magyars) and add Vampires to the roster :slight_smile:

PS. At the same time Swiss had very recognisable military tactics and strategy, broght the halberds and the long pikes to the equasion.


I love this Idea. Today I played a game as the HRE (Tutons) against the Goths,Italains and Another HRE faction, I was playing on the Alpine ridge map and I so wish I could have added the Swiss in the Battle as well.

The Burgunadians were one of the main enemies of the Swiss and fought many a battle against them. I really hope to see the Swiss added in game.


Cumans kinda already have a mercenary mechanic without having it be broken

Swiss, Infantry Civilization.

-Team Bonus: Coinage free.

-Barracks cost -100w
-Skirmishers attack 25% faster.
-Long Swordsman/Two Handed swordsman upgrades available one age earlier.
-Unique upgrades available at the Mining Camp in Imperial age that increases Stone and Gold gather rate by another 20%.

UU: Doppelsoldner - Strong but Expensive Infantry unit that ignores bonus damage vs infantry. (Samurai is the only exception) (weak vs archers)

Castle UT: Fortitude: Militia-line units deal +6 bonus damage to other Infantry.
Imperial UT: Swiss Pikemen: Halberdiers +1 Range.

Full barracks.

Full archery range except no cavalry archers, no parthian tactics, or hand cannoneer.

Stables suck.

Siege workshop: Siege Ram, Heavy Scorpion, Regular Onager. No siege engineers. No bombard cannon.

===Here’s a different take:

Castle age UT: Mercenaries 500g: 1 Minute research time. Hire mercenaries from other civilizations. (Spawns unupgraded unique units at your castle.) This can be researched an infinite number of times.
Imperial age UT: Reputation. 800g 400f Mercenaries will now benefit from your blacksmith upgrades.

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pains me to point out that the op sounds like hes talking about the slavs with the strong infantry, crossbows, etc.

regardless, i agree that the swiss deserve a place in the game after reading some history of them defeating the burgundians multiple times, even killing thier leader with a halberd cracking his skull open haha

i like the halberds +1 range idea maybe as a unique tech or maybe a civ bonus, perhaps even access to halberdier in castle age.

double costing swordsmen?, good excuse to take away suppplies

i feep like an imp tech for barracks units +1 rangle, no champion, castle age halb

and there isalready a mechanic in the game similar to the coustilier charge, but reversed, a beefed up armor stat if attacked while idle or something similar. could be a good UU like an imperial halb with +1 range and a unique defence bonus, or even give a damage increase if downhill, because gravity… etc

a solid wood bonus would be nice here, they seemed like humble people, prolly could manage that nicely.

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A swiss civi concept by someone.

Swiss in realms mod

Helvetians: Infantry and Archer civilization
* Houses 40% cheaper
* Spearman line +1 range
* Skirmishers +1/+2 attack Castle/Imperial Age
* Skirmishers benefit from Parthian Tactics
Teambonus: Castles work 15% faster
Unique Techs:
Closer Order Drill: Spearmen, Pike Squires +1/+1 armor (400f 400g)
Confederacy: All units except siege and ships get +5 HP (600f 400g)
Unique Unit:
Pike Square Infantry with high attack vs cavalry especially elephants, takes 1 population room
Cost: 100f 40g
Elite: 1100f 1100g

Swiss in Age of Chivalry(total conversion mod)
Unique Unit: Swiss Halberdier (anti-infantry pikeman)
Unique Technology:
Eidgenossenschaft (Militia Lancers +40 hit points)

Team Bonus: Walls cost -50%

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Start with Militia Lancer, not Pathfinder, +1 villager, -50 food
  • Skirmishers 2x attack, +10 hit points, -1 range
  • Spear Infantry +1 range
  • Resources last 20% longer
  • Mounted Crossbowmen cost -10% 14th cent., -20% 15th cent.
  • Kogge more expensive, takes longer to construct
  • Has access to the Assembly Hall

Policy Decisions
Landsgemeinde (Militia lancers +3 attack, skirmishers no minimum range)
Reichsstadt (Swiss Halberdiers +2 attack, Mounted Crossbowmen reload 20% faster)


Why Skirmishers for the Swiss I would rather the devs keep such a traint for an African civ rather than the Swiss.

I believe it should be the other way arround should it not? Other civs hired the Swiss as mercs, I don’t believe the Swiss ever hired Samuri or throwing axe men as mercs did they?

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Like the concept of the civ but we do have enought european civ. It’s time to put the focus on other continent


I’m very keen on this idea. I understand people wanting another not european civ next but after that, let’s go the swiss!


are there any other important / great kingdoms that could be added? compared to England and such.

Swiss venice serbians danes albanians croates romanians finns khazars georgians and armenians.


Good lord please no.

Most of them would be really poor civ choices, with Serbs being the only decent one and Swiss and Croats being just okay.

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Venice had more historical importance than the rest combined.also it gives the devs to try out a new ship type too.

I would think Venice Swiss and Serbians would be the top contenders from europe.