Switching through player/civ points of view in Singleplayer feature

Game Version:

  • Build: April 30th Patch
  • Platform: Steam or Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or Windows 7 or Mac or Linux
  • Gamertag: harooooo1


I know its a low priority thing, but i thought to report it before i forgot about it:

The singleplayer feature for switching through control of player points of view and playing them (CTRL-SHIFT-F1 to F9), that was added a few patches ago, stops you from playing on if you get a “You are defeated” message.

In userpatch, in which this feature was first implemented, even if you are defeated, you can switch to another point of view and keep playing, here u are instantly prevented from playing on as another color/civ.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open a singleplayer game, with more than 3 players/factions.
  2. Delete all your units/buildings, receive defeated message.
  3. Receive Defeated message, press “Return to Map”
  4. press ctrl-shift-f2 or f3
  5. you will switch control to that faction, but you will be unable to act, only spectate.

(in userpatch you can keep playing as another faction after u are dead by using the ctrl-shift-hotkey)