Asking for confirmation if these 5 reported bugs are tracked

Hello, I have a bunch of bug reports, some made a month ago, some recently (1 was even merged with a bug post from December 19th).
Since I don’t see them listed on the list of tracked issues, i am left in the dark.

Shift queuing attacks doesn’t work for Trebs/Towers/Buildings
Palisade/Stone gate foundations buggy which was merged with Bug: Building walls+gates
Lobby Browser resets filters when switching to Spectate Browser
Game crashing when mousing over player names in Lobby Browser
Switching player points of view in SP question

So here are my questions to the devs/community managers/representatives:

  1. Are these considered actual bugs, or it is just how they are supposed to work / supposed to be limited?

  2. If they are considered bugs, are they being tracked, but not currently on the priority list because they are minor bugs?

Bonus question (you don’t need to answer):

  • Are you considering suggestion threads such as these below? for example the one about Dequeuing units was posted multiple times, and each time it gets a lot of likes by users.

Allow to dequeue units from training queue via right click
More Hotkeys suggestion


There are a whole bunch of bugs not on the official list. As long as some sort dev/community person has responded to a thread, it’s most probably being tracked internally.

Yeah I kind of assumed that, but for these bugs there wasn’t even a thread response, that’s why I’m hoping to get any kind of confirmation at least.

As for the game crashing when mousing over player names, I can confirm that I’ve had this exact issue every time I open the game. This has only happened today though, so I’m not sure if it was the result of a super recent update or what.

Thank you for the reports. The current status of the bugs you mentioned:

  • Shift queueing attacks - tracking for unpacked trebuchets. Defensive buildings are not intended to have this ability.
  • Gate foundations - tracking.
  • Filter resets in lobby/spectator brosers - tracking.
  • Player name hover crash - unable to reproduce. Does it happen for you with all UI mods disabled?
  • Switching player control - tracking.

Suggestions are taken into consideration too. If we agree with them, they get added to the tracker as well.


Thanks for the answer!

And yes, the player name hover crash i just tested, even with all mods disabled. I have a screenshot here to try explain more where exactly the crash happens in the menu

(when i moused over the name of the user called Blichu to the right, game froze and stopped working)

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