Synchronization errors often occur in a LAN match with my friends

Game Version:100.1.38862.0

  • **Build:38862
  • **Platform:Microsoft Store
  • **Operating System:Windows 10
  • **Gamertag:TurningChart786


After upgrading to the 38862 version, when I am online with friends on the LAN, we often have a synchronization error after start the game for a period of time and forced exit the LAN online. The experience is so bad.
I’ve tried to uninstall and reload the game, but the problem still exists.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Two computers in the home network, the establishment of LAN games
  2. 2 players vs. 3 computers,Population cap 200,Fastest speed
  3. It often appears after 15-20 minutes

I also have this problem

Not LAN, multiplayer across steam with friends

Also having this issue on both LAN and online. The three of us in the house are on Steam.

I also have this problem. Its happened 3 times already in the past 2 days.

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Dragging this back up…So for the last few days we have been playing just fine 2 v 2 on LAN. Today we went 2 v 3 on LAN and it has dropped us because of sync error every time we have tried at different parts of the game. Went back to 2 v 2 and did it no problems. So why does the 3rd ai cause the sync error?

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