Tampering Detected error

Game Version:

  • Newest after the patch
  • Steam


While playing the game, very rarely, it closes and the game interface says “Tampering detected” with the background grayed out. I have to restart it and therefore I lose game progress. I have no idea what causes this or what kind of tampering it’s referring to. It’s very frustrating, and this has happened before and since the latest update. Does anyone know why this is happening or has also experienced this?

Reproduction Steps:

I don’t know how to make it happen, it just happens seemingly randomly.


I’m getting this error as well. Actually happened when i was reviewing a recorded game!


Happens to me all the time (wasn’t able to finish a single game) since last update; before that I was fine.
Now the game closes out to main menu with an error popup and the red “Tampering detected. Please restart the application” text as shown in the screenshot above.
Happens when playing against AI, spectating games, even browsing lobbies…


Having similar issue with no notable pattern, able to play one short multiplayer game then Tampering error 20 mins into another, while doing a campaign, a standard match, watching a replay, and while working on a scenario, some immediately others 30 mins or more in. Would love to see a fix, drivers up to date, firewall not blocking at a loss here


Getting this at random as well since the update. About ready to give up on the game


I’m getting Tampering Detected all the time. about to give up and go play C&C KW.


it also happenning to me all the time since the new update of febuary, i juste gave up on the game


Also getting this error, at random intervals, whether playing multiplayer, single player, or campaigns.


Thanks for the report everyone! As a long shot, does anyone have a video of the issue in action or reproduction steps about how to trigger the warning? Any information you can provide that will help our team uncover what’s happening will help them dig into the issue.

I have also been getting this for the last month since an update… there seems to be no pattern, I just randomly get booted from single player. I honestly have not been able to complete an entire game(sometimes 5mins in sometimes 30mins in)…so game is unplayable for me.


Same, no other apps running. Completely random


Also having this same issue


Hello everyone! This issue should have been resolved with the recent March Update.

If, for some reason, you are still encountering the error message—particularly after disabling any programs that might interfere with the game, such as antivirus software—please let us know. Be sure to include the following information so we can continue to dig into the problem:

  • A full list of running processes on the computer will be helpful.
  • A copy of your dxdiag.
  • A list of steps you’ve taken to try and resolve the issue.

Thank you all, and I hope to hear good news!

Still having this issue after the update - only running malwarebytes and windows defender with tampering disabled… please help!



Had nothing running besides AOE2 DE and this is still happening - changed anti-virus, closed all other apps, uninstalled and reinstalled game…


Other image in-game.


Hi GMEvangelos, I can’t upload my dxdiag cause I’m a new user it seems, but I can email it to you if it is necessary, these are the steps I’ve taken to try and resolve the issue (I’m a steam user)

  • Verify the files integrity using the Steam built-in option to do so
  • Completely Reinstall the game and delete any remaining folders
  • Completely Reinstall Steam and delete any remaining folders
  • Update my DirectX
  • Update my Intel Graphic drivers
  • I’ve ran a scan looking for malwares, whitelisted the AOE2DE path and disabled my antivirus (Karspesky)
  • I’ve reduced the msconfig startup apps and services to the minimum and just having Steam and the AOE 2 DE open
  • I’ve attempted to open the AoE2DE_s.exe directly from the SteamApps folders
  • I’ve enabled the full control to the whole Program Files>WindowsApps folder structure

I’m running out of troubleshooting steps dude… this is very frustrating, I literally paid for this game, and it was working fine last year.


Somebody please reply to this issue! I’ve done everything to try and make this work and no answers…


With the new patch I’m not getting this error anymore, but instead my game semi “crashes” and I go to the desktop, BUT the game continues to run while this is happening and I come back into the game once about 20 seconds have past (it fast forwards on my PC to catch up). So during those 20 seconds I have no control over what’s going on in the game and can mean losing whole armies in the worst cases… strange


Hi I believe I have found the solution. If you are running the game through Steam you need to go to AOE2:DE > Manage(settings for the game) > Properties > Enable Steam Overlay while in-game. Disabling this setting fixed the problem for me. Hope this helps

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