Taunt packs not working (aoe2 DE)

do anyone knows how to make a taunt mod, or in any case why none of the taunts packs I download make a “/number” instead of the regular “number” and sound?

I made a taunt pack for me and my friends, it does nothing however, I tried suscribing to other taunt mods to try and replicate them with my onw .wem files but every taunt pack I download instead of playing the sound only pops in the chat with a “/” and then the number of the taunt

Do you hear the sound for taunts when you use a mod taunt? Personal taunt packs don’t play sound for other people, only the player who has downloaded them.

no, the pack I made does not work because I dont know how to make one (;_;), however even if I download a pack (like the gordon ramsay, tlotr tautns, etc) they dont play sound, the only change is the “/” before the number of the taunt.

the regular taunts: 1-105 works fine

Ok I changed my language from the game and that made the mods work, because my game was in another language the game didn’t recognize the files.

now I only need to learn how to mod :slight_smile:

If you need .wem files, create .wav files, then download Wwise, and watch one of the tutorials on how to convert .wav into .wem using it. Then name your .wem files in the syntax used by the mod files that work, which you can check by going into the mod manager, selecting a downloaded taunt pack mod, and clicking open directory. After you prepare your files, create a new mod in your local mods folder, and inside it create a folder with the name you want for your taunt pack. In this, copy the resource path used for the other taunt packs, for example [Your Mod Name] > resources > common > [The unique path for taunts]. Then paste your .wem files into the final folder. Now, go back to the [Your Mod Name] file, open it, and zip all the files inside it, for example you would zip the file resources, but not the file with the name of your mod (I made that mistake on my published mod, and released to about 80 people who couldn’t play it, because I zipped one file too high). Now go to the mod website and log in: Mods All - Age of Empires Click the create new mod button, fill in all the details, then attach your .zip file. Click publish, and you should be able to download in the mod manager. If it takes forever to download, then you have a problem, but it should be fine. Hopefully that all makes sense.