Team building

Hey, don’t you think it would be nice, if two teamates could finish building’s foundations of each others ?

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At first sight I think it would be nice. I don’t see how this could be unbalanced or exploited in a bad way.

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It’s not necessary at all. We are able to repair their buildings it’s enough already.

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Poor spanish teammate who has to build everything. Would also be quite funny to see a castle popping up, placed by the guy who is on the other side of the map build by his teammate.
The longer I think about it the more I want it.
Especially the bugs introduced with it would be funny I guess :smiley:

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I know man… I can´t wait to see new bugs, What’s next? Monks with +500 Hp, Khmer scorpions fire 15 bolts… it’s so exciting

sometimes your friend’s castle is denied and u have useless vills around that could finish it

maybe we can say the buyer of the building has to place the first stone but then his buddy can finish the work

and sicilians building everyone’s castles and TCs, specifically persian and cuman TCs? mmm i think it could lead to abuse

maybe if they halved the build rate if working on an allied structure


well the point of playing team games is to make advantages of each civ count … No one complains when the briton’s player does the range while the frank does the cav

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but that’s a huge difference. they still have to make the units and research the techs and what not.
like Phoenix said. imagine a Cumans player drops a tc, and then watch as a Sicilian player builds it. that huge downside from the insane 4 and a half minute build time? gone.

imagine having a Koreans player just drop towers in everyones base for defense and having everyone build them. those towers auto upgrade each age. huge advantage. and the Koreans player doesn’t have to do anything other then lay down the foundations.


I think this would change the game too much. There are so many times that I would have liked to have this ability, but the idea of having to face people who are taking full advantage of it is a big yikes.

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and when the byzantine does the team wall ?

we can say he has to do the first stone

first of all the byzantine player actually has to build that wall. second of all, how many strategies do you see that revolve around “the byzantine player team walling”.
yeah. exactly.

which is made easier by him mining it faster then other players. or his team mates could sling him the stone. either way, the fact is that you would have automatically upgrading towers.

I feel like you could do this without having civ bonuses take effect. In other words a sicilians castle goes up 100% faster where as a sicilian building a frank castle goes up at normal frank speed.

Even if the Sicilian could build a much faster castle for the Frank ally, I’m not sure that would really be “OP” it would take a lot of team coordination and micro, two things that the game always rewards, so that isn’t inherently bad.

I don’t think it will be added to the game, but it’s a cool idea to think about.


This… (20 char…)…

This is going to be a civ bonus for the next new civ! go preparing the money for the dlc!

Farm slinger diabolic laugh.

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A shared unique building could unironically be an interesting team bonus. I brainstormed once the possibility of a Team building where you could build your respective UU. It would be kinda expensive and the train time would be slower than in a Castle, but it would be pretty useful IMO if not broken for certain civs.

Teuton farm sling would be very strong tho