Team game server picking in MM

In the past we have had an issue in which many team games were played on the Brazil server, resulting in laggy games for many players. It even resulted in threads about people claiming the Brazil server should be removed ([Poll] Should the Brazil server be removed from ranked matchmaking?, Brazil Server in Ranked Matchmaking).

It feels like we have currently have again an issue with the servers of team games. For me UK and EU server are fine. I even dont have issues with US (East). Many 1v1s are played on these server, which is fine. Team games are played on different servers. Some are played on US (West), which is still kind of OK. But some are played on the India server. This server has already a terrible ping. It result in lag fest. Recently i also was matched on the Asia server. That server is even more worse then the India server.

I have no idea why i should be matched on servers with high ping and much lag. In my latest game i was thinking of quitting the game, because the game was almost unplayiable. That is how terrible the lag is on these servers for me. I have no idea why the match making algorithm is so terrible and match me on these servers. I would really love to see if also your lag is taken into account in the match making algorithm. This lag is a really terrible experience.

I really hope that the devs will fix this issue quickly, since team games on these server are really, really bad for me.

Including ping in match making shouldnt be that hard and will solve the issue.

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Just to show how big this issue for me is. In my latest 10 team games, i played on the following servers (you can see this for your own games at

6x India
2x UK
1x US (West)
1x Asia

The UK server is great for me. No lag at all. I also dont really have an issue with US (West). So i am totally fine with playing on that server. But the India server is already laggy. You cant really micro your xbows and stuff like that. The Asia server is really terrible for me. Based on my experience on that server, i might even consider doing loom before a boar lure just to not lose the vill.

There is really no reason why the game should put me on the India or Asia server. Both are really far away and result in a terrible pings. But 7 out of 10 games were played on this far away server for me. The India server is kind of playable, but the Asia server is really unplayable for me. So much lag. I really consider loom before a boar lure. That is how bad the lag for me is on that server. So i have no idea why the server things it is a great idea to put me on such terrible server.

Note: Not sure if ping is the issue of the lag. I notice that my ping for the US (West) server is worst then the India server. But i do notice a lot of lag on the India server, while i dont really have lag on the US (West) server. In both cases the ping is below 200.

Again matched on the Asia server for no reason and it was a lag fest. I just checked the profiles on Based on that we had 5 players from Europe and 3 players from America. Best server to me seems like the US East or US West. But for some reason the game decided to have this game played on the Asia server. I know that the nations on arent always correct, but mostly they are.

Given the respons from others (Zero), it looks like it is an issue that only happens to me?!

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How do you see your server on aoe2net? I can’t find it

You have to sign in with your steam account. Then you got a second option under matches to see your match history. Your servers are shown at that page.

Currenly i am not signed in on this PC, so i cant give you the link.

Ok I could check it out, I only got India 2 times and don’t remember those games being laggy, but those were 1v1s so maybe it was easier for the connection to handle.

Then how can a player be red clock with 40ms ping?
What is going on?

HD was like that, DE isn’t.

Then how can a player be red clock with 40ms ping?
What is going on?