Team matchmaking is a complete joke

Broken matchmaking system does this all the time. Like what is the point of this? No one going to play this crap:

How long did it take to be matched? It’s odd that the system finds bad matchups quickly.

play during peak hours

if it takes time to search game, restart the search

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I agree. The problem is that the team on the left also dodges games against us because they just want to play against easier opponents.

Reduce ELO range even if search time gets longer and HIDE THE NAME/RANK before loading screen

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It was the first game I got after logging in, maybe a minute or less of searching.

It was during peak hours… Saturday afternoon at 4pm Pacific

So my experience tonight has been SO MUCH FUN! Just got queued up in a 3v3 and it was 2 Conqs + Diamond vs. me and two other platinums. I confirmed with the two Conqs that they were not a team/friends, it was random matchup. Next game, 4v4, 3 Conqs and an unranked (?!) vs. 3 plats and a diamond.

Why on earth would this dumb system not make the teams equal. I just can’t fathom how this is a thing? Why is this game so bad? Unreal.

Totally agree.
It happened to me many many times and that’s the main reason for me and my mates to lose team games: I am Gold I, my friend Gold III, but often we are matched with teammates silver I and facing teams composed by plat II or III players. That’s just not fair at all coz we know that we don’t have a chance!
Please devs, I don’t mind waiting for 1-2 minutes more, but please FIX the matchmaking system!

Matchmaking is still atrociously bad in this game for 4v4. I just play quickplay and it doesn’t seem to factor in if the enemy team is premade. 9/10 a premade will stomp randoms it’s just the nature of an rts like this.

I find myself checking everyone’s match history before the game starts to see if they’ve played together before.

im a conq3 and i can confirm matchmaking is a joke, i mean devs, enough with the balance changes, ok? people are upset not because french knights are OP or something alike.

you can add as many anti dodge mechanics, but the root of the issue is you have players who just want a fair game. elo/medal is peoples measurement of progress, fake or not and so they do want to play ranked. but ranked is really just qm, only worse because you’re just splitting the players up. and this game does not have too many players as it is.

and with anti dodge mechanics, people are just gonna resign minute 0 and ruin the game for everyone, only makes things worse. punish leavers and they just leave the game. fix the root issue: unfair matchmaking.

as suggested before, host should decide their teammates and opponents. prone to abuse and boosting im sure, but with some abuse prevention mechanics, such as penalizing points gained when theres a huge elo gap between group teammates and penalizing recurring leavers within first 5 minutes with huge points deduction…ladder abuse would be too much effort to be a rampant issue. this worked very well in aoe2, no reason it wouldnt work here.

whatever algorithm they come up with, there are just far too many factors that’d make a consistent enough matchmaking and far too few players to compliment it. we need to host our own games.

“2000+ elo pros only” we’d even have streamers excited to cast high rated games. people can scrim while playing rated, what better way? they can even rotate maps instead of repeating same maps. and then one of those solo pros might see this lobby and ask another solo pro to join. ARENT these good games to be had?!
“1000-1200 elo blackforest noobs” people who just wanna chill
“1600 experienced players arabia”

can even have quickmatch join those lobbies with defined criteria.

the current system is surely a complete failure, people are clearly frustrated else topics like this wouldn’t keep recurring. stop the balance changes, start reading these topics. im tired waiting 30 mins for a game to start only to fight some gold players who dont deserve to be bashed. yet i dont mind waiting for 30mins if its a nice and somewhat balanced game.

those of you players who need to face against conq3s, i feel your dismay.