Tech hotkeys at the dock are bugged?

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Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

Units on the second page of the dock (demo, fire, cg) CAN be produced using custom hotkeys without first having mouse clicked over to the 2nd page of the dock.

This is good BUT,

Any tech that is on the 2nd page of the dock (upgrade demo,fire,CG) CANNOT be researched with hotkeys without first having mouse clicked over to the 2nd page

This makes Hotkeys for techs on the 2nd page redundant.

EDIT: I realised the ‘More Buildings’ hotkey can be used to switch between pages at the dock instead of mouse clicking, but this is still an inconvenient extra button

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

  1. Create custom hotkeys for units and techs on the 2nd page of dock,
    (make sure no hotkeys are the same as any on the first page)

  2. Select all docks hotkey

  3. Upgrade Fast Fire Ship hotkey (Does not work)

  4. Select all docks hotkey

  5. Build Fast Fire Ship hotkey (Works Fine)


Yes I also noticed this a few days ago. Didn’t think of reporting it. Would be nice to see if this is intended or not.

Oh, didn’t see this bug report and made one of my own. In the default hotkey setup, there are clashes between the upgrade hotkeys in the first page and those in the second page, so this is not a problem when testing with the default setup. Only when I gave all the techs different key did I notice this. That might be a reason why the devs might have overlooked this.

Recently you gave feedback about this @GMEvangelos

You stated:

If we allow this, then we could have two techs on two different pages using the same hotkey, which would probably cause more confusion. Unless you feel strongly about this and have an optimal solution, this is unlikely to change.

I think this could be solved by adding an optional toggle inside the options, that would allow this functionality for us who want to have unique hotkeys for dock techs, and who dont want to have to click the arrow then click the tech. call it like “Prioritize 2nd page dock hotkeys” or something similar.

The old userpatch did have a similar toggle to allow 2nd page villager Build Menu or 2nd page Dock hotkeys prioritized over global hotkeys.

I can confirm that this is still a bug, but it is not isolated to technology hotkeys. It seems to be an issue with the priority of the second page of the dock hotkeys.

Here is an example that can be recreated:
Set A as the hotkey for cycle commands select all archery ranges", villager build an archery range, and dock create a fire ship. Build a dock and an archery range.

  • If nothing is selected and you press A, the archery range is selected. This is proper.
  • If you have a villager selected and choose buildings then press A, the villager will build an archery range. This is despite the fact that you are on the buildings page and not the military buildings page.
  • Select the dock and press A. If the archery range is built, it will jump to the archery range instead of creating a fire ship. If you move to the second page of the dock units and press A, it will correctly build a fire ship.

The workaround is either to go to the next page before using hotkeys or to ensure that nothing on the second page of the dock shares a hot key with a higher priority item (only one I know for sure is cycle commands for now. I don’t know the rest of the priority.)

The bug fix would be to have the dock hotkeys (both pages) take priority if the dock is selected, which is at least how the villager build seems to work in my example above. The dock is the only building I’m aware of that has a second page of units, so it should be the only one affected by this bug.