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I am still little bit of a newbie at AoE: II. I’ve grown adequate at a few civilizations and found myself wanting to explore more of them. However I’ve noticed that there is not actually any way to access the tech tree of different civilizations until you are in game. This I found very strange, when I’m already in the game in multiplayer I wont have any seconds to spare to explore the tech tree of my civilization. Instead I suggest that the tech tree of all the civilizations should be available from the main menu or preferably from the menu where you pick your civilization before a multiplayer or single player match. That way I can explore the team bonuses and what units are available instead of entering the game blind.

Please consider my suggestion.

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In the single player lobby you can view the tech tree

You can check the tech tree of any civ in the lobby. Just click on the ‘Technology Tree’ button.

A list of all available civs will be disposable for you to check on.

The same apply for single player standard games.

While this is possible, it’s a hassle.
There should also be a button in the main menu and a button for the currently selected civ.

You view the current civ’s tech tree when clicking the button.

And you won’t need a button in the main menu

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I dont know if you all are single player gamers only. But I play exclusively online and mostly ranked. And there is no easy way to access the tech tree from ranked queue at least. Thats my main concern. Should I have to quit multiplayer menu and go into a single player lobby just to check out a tech tree? Inconvenient.

What would be nice coding would be if you also could explore the tree while youre in queue but as you cant change tab while in queue I shouldn’t expect any miracles. In most other games you’re free to explore other menus settings etc while i the queue but this game is paying homage to it old school roots I guess. Jokes aside I offer my coding skills to implement this feature if you would hire me Microsoft.


After all they is just underkey asking for a job :rofl:

Back in the day, you could consult the paper manual that came with the game :smiley:
See this thread I just made. You can see one of the photos shows a technology tree…

PS: One thing I like about the Technology Tree in AoE2:DE is that you can hover over the scrollbar at the bottom of the screen and use the mouse-wheel to scroll left and right! Ooh, just notice you can push mouse to left and right of screen to do the same. You couldn’t do that in AoE2:HD or before. Makes viewing the tech tree a lot easier and enjoyable!

Two things that would make this scrolling even better, though:

  1. More granularity in how far the tech tree jumps per mousewheel scroll, when using the hover-over-scrollbar method at bottom. It jumps many pixels currently; very jarring and harder to keep track of your place. Smoother/finer control would be wonderful.
  2. Actually, make it so you don’t even need to hover over the little scroll bar at the bottom to engage the mousewheel left/right scrolling. There’s no need for this from a user’s perspective. You should be able to have your mouse arrow anywhere on the tech tree to mousewheel scroll left/right.

Is cool you can collapse the left-hand panel, too, to make the Tech Tree be full-screen :slight_smile:

There are Tech tree UI mods that allows you to see your techtree on your screen at any time, it sounds like something you will like

Was just about to make a thread about this. Although everyone is making good points, there should 100% be a way to see the tech trees for all civs in the multiplayer ranked queue. When you’re in the queue you’re picking your civ and for most players we’re still learning about the tech trees so it makes no sense to not be able to look this stuff up while waiting and selecting.

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I play unranked and it does have a Tech Tree, but when I tried ranked, I understood your point.

The thing is, pro players don’t use tech tree in ranked, because they’re always using the same 5 civs. And they know the tech trees for those. A lot of people do that: they only play “the best civ” when playing ranked.

On the other hand, me (and a lot more of people) like to play random civ ranked. Or just pick a civ we feel like playing. If you do that, there’s a big chance you don’t remember the whole tech three of the civ you picked. That’s why we need a tech three in ranked. For those who like to compete and have fun at the same time


While waiting in queue to find games it would be really nice to be able to check the tech tree. Hope it is possible to add this in an upcoming update!

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I have to wholly agree with this. There’s nothing to do in the queue, can’t change tab even.

I’d probably have the tech tree memorised at this point if I could look at it while in queue :slight_smile: (slight exaggeration)

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I made a post about this a long time ago. I agree you should be able to look at the tech tree especially when just sitting there and waiting for match making to find a game.

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I wish I could look at trees without someone spaming 14 over and over

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I would like to know, how to put the information of the technological tree in the menu / inventory like this in the attached image

Hi maxers55, welcome to the forums! It’s a mod.

But note that’s been reported that the mode broke some other UI elements on the recent update.

hmmm i see, thanks for the info.