Technologies moved from House of Wisdom can be researched in multiple buildings at the same time


  1. Build multiple archery ranges, barracks or blacksmiths
  2. Order each to research composite bows, camel speed/armor or phalanx
  3. Each of them will research the upgrade independently

Composite bows don’t stack.
Camel speed only affects the tooltip.
Camel armor STACKS on units made before the upgrade but not on newly produced units.
Phalanx STACKS with itself and can increase spearman range EXPONENTIALLY (and slows the game down to a crawl when they attack)




Now those are some efficient spears! The last thing I was expecting to see from this game is a sniper melee unit. Uh… guess we need a hotfix?

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My God this must be the stupidest company ever … imagine you fix something which was without any problem only to gain another game-breaking issues … BRAVO LELIC

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How is this even POSSIBLE ?
What did they touched in the code to allow this to even happen ?!?
That must be a line of code deleted by mistake or something I don’t see any other way.
Like the guys that made the code originally were assigned to another project, and they new interns that were assigned to the project didn’t understood the code and thought some of the code was redundant and useless or something ?
I don’t understand any other possibilities.

This is completely RIDICULOUS !

Just revert it !!!

Edit : Ok I understand how they introduced the bug after reading the patch note more clearly, and they just haven’t properly tested it or thought about it.


They did not even test it … They could not otherwise they would find it very easily … :slight_smile:

someone mentioned its just a UI bug and dosnt actually apply to units

Watch the attached video in the main post. The spearman is literally a Russian Sniper.


I just made a custom game against AI with abassid on maximum resources.

I made 2 barracks and was able to research the tech twice while selecting both barracks.

Video here => WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free


I just retried and this is bad, The way it works:

Create 2+ barracks

Queue 2 spearman than click the tech, it can be research once for each barrack.

New video here where it goes on 1k + tile range and destroys the game => WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

This is game breaking bad. Like Its not impossible to ladder xD

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The setup is a bit complex and my 2nd game against ai where I tried to get as mutch as possible made the game freeze.

This one will be less dangerous than relic bug I think

You can research Camel barding multiple times as long as u have blacksmiths and it hasnt completed at one. I have camel archers with 30 Melee and 30 Ranged armor that cant be stopped. This is game destroying for balance and needs a hotfix.

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Does it apply only for already produced units or for a newly recruited as well?

I didnt check to be honest, the unit was already made that I was looking at.

Nice. I like the Abbasid, now I guess they can compete with French.


Also, Camels Riders and Archers do not get any “base armor” despite that being a fixed bug in the patch notes.

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Here’s a link to video of it you don’t have to download.


apparently its a ui bug and the armor goes away after they have been hit

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This is probably the most gamebreaking bug yet. Nobody will want to play against Abbasid now. Hope it’s fixed within a day or two.

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But you can stab enemy with spearman across whole map right? thats not just UI? :frowning_face: