Temporary Service Errors & Latency - I, II, III DE

Greetings, Explorers! We’re getting reports of service errors and latency including the following:

  • Delays and/or errors with joining/starting games and difficulty creating custom lobbies.

If you’re experiencing an issue with Networking, such as connectivity problems, Lobby bugs, or problems joining Multiplayer Games:

  1. In these situations, your Networking Logs are the most helpful
  2. You can find these Logs by looking in this folder: C:\Users\ [[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]] \Games\Age of Empires [[1, 2 or 3]] DE\logs
  3. Network Logs look like this, and contain the date and time of the session you most recently started (example): 2021.08.20-12.03.37.txt

To use the Enhanced Logging build:

  1. In some circumstances, we need additional logging information to better understand your problem, and that’s when we ask that you use the Enhanced Logging build
  2. To do that, locate Age of Empires I, II, or III: Definitive Edition in your Steam Games Library
  3. Right-click the game title and select Properties at the bottom of the menu
  4. In the window that appears, select the BETAS tab on the left
  5. In the available field, enter this beta access code: 4YH2SkfG7CK5yanvrXE9qj8b
  6. You’ll then see that you’ve been given access to enhanced_logging and a button will appear asking you if you’d like to opt in
  7. Opt in or select the enhanced_logging beta, and Steam will automatically update your build

IMPORANT NOTE: Network Logs generated with the Enhanced Logging build can get quite large, you’ll want to ensure you switch back to the normal build when you’ve been able to reproduce your problem and send the relevant log to our Customer Support team.

While we continue to work to resolve this issue, some players have reported that client restarts can help.

Thank you for your patience! We’ll continue to post updates here as we work towards a solution.

-Age of Empires Team


Hello, my friends and me encounter this problem. But I wonder which category should I send my logs to the Customer Support team request?

Bug report or Others?

Please use Bug report to send those in. Thanks!

We’re aware of multiplayer services issues affecting some users and are investigating. You may see improvements based on recent steps we’ve taken to address this. In the meantime, please continue to send us logs.

I hope the fix comes fast, at least with the next DLC!