Teuton farm Sling

In many tournaments slinging (The act of sending resources to teammates) is often banned or heavily regulated. Despite the taxes slinging is powerful enough to be banned. Teuton farm sling is allows you to gift farms effectively sending wood at a 40% percent discount. Also farms that are stolen default to the max amount of food based on the upgrades of the player who stole it. In other words, if a Teuton player makes a darkage farm and a Sicilians player with crop rotation steal then the farm will have 1025F meaning it is also possible for a player to steal a farm only for other player to steal it back giving a free reseed. So why is this not either Meta, banned, or patched? I understand that this requires a high level of coordination but everything about it seems busted.

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It takes too much APM, even for pros. By doing that, you are both giving up your own wood and farms, but also putting yourself at a high level of risk of dying to the enemies. It requires too much clicking, and a few very specific civ combos to actually work. I think it’s fine left alone.

If you have crop rotation then you probably have enough wood to not need to do this anyway. In the early game it’s just saving some wood to one player at the cost of massive idle time for another one+ the already mentioned reasons. So it’s pretty much a non-issue.

re: teutons: have you seen what late game farms look like? there is no time for this
re: sicilians: most players dont value food on farms high enough to even get crop rotation, unless they know the game will go super later

maybe this could be done very early on, when wood is still valuable and apm is available, but then you need to send a villager to walk across the map to your ally. so this is only really an option on maps like lombardia where you start really close to each other

Not sure why you mention “high APM”. slinging 5-10 farms is really easy, but its only really useful on maps where you’re close together and dont lose too much walking time.

Yoy have to send your vill over drop the farms, start them making them, stop them from completing them. Then the teuton plater has to send a vill to steal it and then finish it.

What??? Sending resources to your ally in tournaments is banned? How come?

It’s way too efficient as a method of steamrolling the other team. Just sling 1 player all your res, and they will trample the enemies if they are good.

Not quite, but yes. The Teuton player places the farm due to the discount, and finishes it, and then they leave, and the team mate has to manually task vils onto the farms.

Yes, it’s efficient, but banning it is arbitrary. If you sling all your resources you yourself are defenseless and the match becomes a 2 versus 1.

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T90 and Termint where able to make it work so its should be within the capability of any pro player. I have only found two video with Teuton farms so the Meta for Teuton farm sling hasn’t been properly explored. What about 3v3 or 4v4, what the optimal built order, what other civs should you use what maps should it be used on? in a black forest game you could help your ally get an early castle age so they could build earlier Tc’s, IN a 3v3 you could go Britons, Teuton, Slavs to offset the Teuton not able to make Cavs.

If the teuton player finishes the farms they dont get the sicilian extea foodm

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I know, I’ve seen the video, which is why it isn’t really viable. The other team kind of got so caught up in not wanting to lose to the strategy that they did.

the Teuton player can not get the food but once the farm is stolen it will be as if they new farm built the farm except it has slightly more food SOTL couldn’t explain that one

Never mind, I stand corrected then.

Good players can win 1v2s with sling, using overwhelming numbers and tech advantage

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The comments did. It’s the amount of food the farm currently has waiting to be collected.

Honestly, I don’t think a 2v2 in an Open map is the best place for it to work and they still ending up winning also the other team knew this was coming due to previous game it is worth noting that they lost in those games but considering that they had zero experience with this Strat that is understandable

So, I’m still a bit incredulous about what was said here: slinging resources is banned in tournaments. How is that moderated? Are there judges watching the matches? So if a player tributes his resources to his teammate, the judges have the power to expel the player? Or not expel them, but immediately rule that they lose? Please explain how is the ban on tributing resources carried out.

Uh yes, that’s how banning works :sweat_smile: It’s just that players don’t break the rules so it doesn’t happen. And that’s a good thing cuz there used to be tournaments with slinging allowed and it would turn 3v3s into 2v2s +2 dudes playing Sim City in feudal age.