Teutons = Holy Roman Empire?

As I knew, Teuton means an ancient nation or Teutonic Knights in Eastern Europe. But the Teuton campaign is the Barbarosa. I’m wondering what European players think about it.
Maybe new civ can be Germany ?

Teutons represent the HRE.


“Teuton” didn’t mean German or anything like that in the middle age but it eventually got this meaning for some reason. ES probs didn’t find out about this when they did their research, but now it’s pretty much too late. Making a new civ and calling them “German” would be such an heresy given how the Teuton civ and its campaign appearances are so iconic.


Making a new civ and calling them “German” would be such an heresy given how the Teuton civ and its campaign appearances are so iconic.

Change Teuton to Germany in Barbarosa campaign? lmao

Why did I say “iconic”? Like the Teutonic knight is almost the face of AoE2, it’s that much of a symbol 11


The Idea for “Germany” didn’t even exist until 1817.
The Teutons were a german tribe like franks, saxons, angles, goths, vandals…

Opposed to Germany there existed a Teuton “Order” for several hundred years in a Region laterly became prussia (and some other regions around it). The Teutons in the Game seem to be more fitting to this order than the so called “holy roman empire”. Even if the storyline of the holy roman empire is much more interesting for the campain.

There could be several other german tribes later to become important powers in what is today middle europe: The Suebes, The Saxons, The Flemish, the Baiuvarii…
They chose the teutons because the Germans own name (Deutsch) refers to them, besides the teutonic tribe isn’t even a main ancestor of what is today Germany.

Teuton also means “Man of the Folk”, so it was somewhat standing to reason the revolutionaries refered to this when they tried to oppose the Lords in the revolutions, aswell everybody knew that the Teutons as tribe didn’t really settle in todays Germany.


OG Civs are all named losely so I wouldn’t say that the name Teutons is specifically aiming towards the Teutonic Order or the original Teuton tribe from Roman Republican history. The English are called Britions (not British) which represents the pre Saxon people of England who were mostly displaced into Wales. The civ we think of representing France has the name Frank, which gave French & France its name but In the time period of the game it was the title given to the western European crusaders, so you could say Franks is a crusder faction and for the past 20 years we havent had a French Civ. In reverse we have a faction named Saracens which probably represents the Egyptian based Dynasties and Mamluks realms in game but was a term Crusaders used for all Islamic peoples in the Levant and MiddleEast. Only Age of Conquerors onward were Civs named more specifically like with the Spanish, Aztecs, Burgundians & Magyars


It is obvious teutons were intended to represent the HRE during the development of AoE, and in pre-forgotten times. Why would ES create a faction for the teutonic order only but leave the whole Holy Roman Empire out of the game. Barbarrossa’s campaing should be enough proof. Even the italian city-states were represented by teutons in the original campaings.

However, with the addition of italians, slavs and burgundians we can now consider that teutons represent the Kingdom of Germany, while the kingdoms of bohemian, italy and burgundy are covered by the mentioned civs.

About the name “teutons”, from the wikipedia link above: The terms Kingdom of Germany or German Kingdom (Latin: regnum Teutonicorum “Kingdom of the Germans”, regnum Teutonicum “German Kingdom”, regnum Alamanie) denote the mostly Germanic-speaking Eastern Frankish kingdom, which was formed by the Treaty of Verdun in 843, especially after the kingship passed from Frankish kings to the Saxon Ottonian dynasty in 919.

Edit: Of course, the Teutonic Order are also covered by teutons, since it was of german origin.


Sort of. It does makes sense to think that, but not after the inclusion of Bohemia, a state that was part of the HRE. Also, no civilisation in AoE2 (or in AoE1 and AoE3) represents a specific state, which is what they do in half of the AoE4 civs.

“Teuton” is cognate with the autonym Deutsche. German derives from a Latin exonym used by Romans do describe the barbarians that weren’t Celts and were usually east of the Rhine.

Teutons in AoE2 represent the people of East Frankia that after separating from the Carolingian Empire, formed the also known as Regnum Teutonicum, or German Kingdom. That is, Medieval Germany. It is nonsensical to think that the Germans as a group of people didn’t exist before the French Revolution and the creation of “modern” states.

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The Teutonic order had barracks and castles in many big cities in the HRE. And from there they dealt with finance and conscript of recruits.

The order is actually formed during the Third Crusade to nurse the sick and heal the wounded crusaders. Just like we still have the red cross to internationally help the sick. Later the Teutonic order changed into an organisation to protect the pilgrims in the holy land. Later it moved to the HRE and settled there and then recieved confirmation of Pope Innocent III in 1199, and then the order became active in the Baltic region.
But some cities were ruled by the church and the Teutonic order was very powerful there.

Teutons represent the HRE:


Charlemagne’s empire has fallen, and the task of rebuilding the Holy Roman Empire lies in your hands. Unite the feuding duchies, contend with Papal authority, and construct powerful crenellated fortifications! Smash enemy armies with potent knights and demolish their cities with armored siege engines, or lead your men on crusade to the Holy Land or into Eastern Europe. The Teuton unique unit is the Teutonic Knight, a zealous warrior who can carve most melee units into ribbons.

I was not for nothing not happy with the addition of Bohemians. The sole reason I gave LOTW a positive review was that I really wanted new DLCs for DE and I didn’t want to make it already negative, because there’s the exact same problem for Burgundy.

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What they could do is add new germanic civilizations and make the teoutons a separate one:
Saxony, bavaria, austria, etc.

Major parts of the HRE is already in-game burgundy Italians and Bohemia so do we really need more?

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Whe need more and more to make the game alive

The Teutons are not just the Holy order, dude. They represent the Germans. All of them. Teuton=German in Latin.

Besides, the only two reasonably major factions within the HRE left to even be split off reasonably would be the Frisians (modern Netherlands) and Austria, and neither of these are a priority for addition anyway. There are plenty more civs elsewhere in the world that need representation besides the various regions of the Germanies.

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For that they add more fauna and mercenaries as in the 3 xd…