Teutons tech tree

Adding Husbandry and an upgrade for Teutonic Knights to make them move faster is great for Teutons. Please developers, give attention. Teutons is my favorite civil.

And hussars or light cavalry at least. Teutons is so poor in the late 1v1 game.

Yeah, Teutons is a hard to use civilization

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What about replacing the useless iron clad tech by a unique technology in castle age that increases the movement speed of knights and teutonic knights by 10%? It still converges with the idea of Teutons being a slower civ and not having husbandry, but after getting up a castle that could be offset, but would be more costly, though. It could also make the teutonic knight finally useable. In case that turns out to be too strong, their attack or melee armor could be slghtly nerfed.

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I don’t mind them having “slower paladins”, it makes them unique and not like every other paladins civilization, but as I explained in my post , they suffer straight from being a “slow” civ, and without bonus to compensate.

I suggested a bonus to the Teutonic Knight’s speed up to 0.9 speed, and either access to Light Cav, or changing the [+1/+0] to either [+0/+1] or [+1/+1], due to their hard struggle against Archers, and by expand Siege civs.


I’m just copypasting what I wrote in my old post

By the way, why we have 3 post about Teutons?


So, after 27th February update, I still think Teutons need some buff, so this is my idea, which is still similar to the first toppic of the post:
Take away crenellation, give castles +1range in caste age and +2 in imperial as a civ bonus, and ad a new imperial tech civ
Deus Vult (600f 400g): infantry (included Teutonic knight) gains 10% speed for each relic (max 3 relics).

I love that idea !

I would change a bit to 5% for each relic, at a maximum of 4 for the Teutonic Knight, and maximum of 2 for the Barrack-line, otherwise it would be too strong with a 30% bonus on top of Squires : Champions with 1.26 speed, Halberdier with 1.4 speed x).

It would be a second “relic”/religious oriented civ with the Litthuanians, giving also the possibility or not to research that technology depending of the situation, and at max giving them 0.7 + 20% (relic bonus) + 10% (squires) = 0.91 movement speed, which is what I suggested already and feels fair. The barrack line getting only 2 stacks of that bonus, would make Milice-line 1.08 movement speed at max, and 1.2 for the Spearline.

So they could still have more powerfull infantry with just one relic, and reaching their maximum capacity with 4, like the Lithuanians.

I mean, the bonus is more important for TK than infantry in general. Maybe make 10% for TK and 5% for infantry, max 2 relics ? IDK. keep in mind that I figure it as an imp tech with a fairly expensive cost, and on top of that you need the relics, so the rewars should be good (plus, it’s hard to get more that 3 relics in 1v1, let alone in team games)

Fast Champions can become very hard to balance imo, especially in lategame with a little income of Gold (relics, trade and/or market).

And also, with each game on most of maps, you have guarenteed 2 relics, and so I think it would be great to have something like this :

  • Each relic in garnison gives 2.5% movement speed to the Barrack-line, and 5% movement speed to the Teutonic Knight, to a maximum of 4.

Since I love your idea, I thought and talk about it to a close friend of mine. Here why I think it’s great this way :

  • a unique strategy to play with or against
  • kind of historically accurate, with Teutonic Knights being more zealots than their Barrack-line
  • a possibility or not to research that technology depending of the situation
  • Reaching the maximum possibility which seems fair : 0.7 + 20% (relic bonus) + 10% (squires) = 0.91 movement speed, which is what I suggested already.
  • It would increase their idea of being a defensive civilization
  • Since by most of game you have at least 2 relics guaranteed, it would give 10% to the Teutonic knight, reaching 0.84 speed, and giving 5% to the Barrack-Line, giving 1.035 for the Milice-Line and 1.15 for the Spearman-line.
  • With that basic bonus, Celts would be still by default the fastest civilization, but under certain conditions, Teuton would become with this bonus. They would be what is the Litthuanians compare to the Franks.

(I added it to my post btw with crediting you :p)

I wonder if it would be even more thematic if TK are faster for each relic held by enemies - after all they were energized to get the stuff from the holy lands but outside of crusades would happily sit in their castles.

You could have a unique tech which gives a base speed up of x % which is amplified incrementally for the difference in relics held. Just a wild idea :slight_smile: it would even imply some kind of catch up logic.

I would loveto know who’s your friend

Hahaha sure, thanks for naming my. Just for the record, my real nick is Lord_patito

And yeah, I’m not a balance master, so I letf that part of the job for the guys who are. I’m more of a creative guy. And yes, I bases the tech on the history. Those guys traveled half the world foe relics, so I guess it makes sense

I hope the developers respond to our suggestion