TG (ranked) are broken. (solutions in the post)

While 1v1 are perfectly fine. Team Games are completely broken:

There is large amout of people that like to smurf or boost one specific account to high elo abusing the mmr system. Recently (to me) has been happening 1 game out 2 over 10 games.

Im here to suggest two possible solution, because this behaviour its really dragging the game down. and I’m sure many people are sick of this and I wouldn’t be surprised if many even quitted playing multiplayer.


  1. Dont allow player with a high elo difference i would say (±200 elo) to be invited in a lobby where there is somebody exceeding that range of elo.

  2. Introduce a level system that will validate the players to play ranked.
    Let’s say you need to reach “level X” before you can join ranked queue.
    Maybe adding the art of wars campaign and some other stuffs.
    While this could be interesting for new players to learn the game it WILL also STOP the players from creating new account so easly with the only purpuse of stomping people on the ladder.

Thank you for your attention. I hope to recieve some feedback

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Well what if we’re not smurfs but have some friends that have higher elo than us? that happens to me, my friends are 1900 and i’m 1600, so i can’t play with them? i don’t think that makes any sense. I understand what you’re saying though. I’ve seen some +3000 elo teaming up with 500 elo to game the system.

i think it would be much easier to simply block Family Shared accounts from playing multiplayer. That would get rid of all the smurfs, and whoever wants to smurf would need to buy the game again! I’m sure some people will do that, but most wouldn’t lol

What stops people meeting those validate requirements and then tanking their elo and keep doing what they’re already doing? These players with low elo accounts to boost high elo accounts are not bad players, they will pass any requirement you put on them?

I have this issue atm, I am the higher level player with a friend who’s only ever played against the AI. There’s no way I would play with them on TG ladder, it would most likely either be a crushing defeat or they would feel like they didn’t do anything. Currently we’re just playing as same colour co op vs AI. I thought about lobby games doing co op too, where I mostly watch and join in occasionally, but I don’t know if anyone would want to play that game or if it would feel like cheating. I’d welcome other suggestions.

you can teach them to play better, follow a build order and stuff :slight_smile: if they’re interested in that, some people just want to chill a bit and aren’t interested in playing competitively xD

I think it would be a mistake to ban players of different elo ranges from playing together, since that punishes too many players who aren’t actually smurfing. Instead, make it so that it doesnt reward the player with the highest elo at all if he’s more than 200 elo from the opponent’s elo and give all elo in that case to the lower elo player. That directly counters smurfing, since farming elo becomes impossible and smurf accounts quickly gain elo. Smurf games dont happen if it isnt worth the elo you get from them, while friends playing together wouldn’t care about that so much

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I like this suggestion, I think the gap should be higher than 200 before you get 0 points.

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