Thank god finally scout rush is viable now

more variety, thank goodness we can scout rush again thanks to this bug.

thank you DE devs!


LOL yeah it sucks but when it bugs like this you should delete it and rebuild. Trying to keep clicking won’t work!

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Wow that sucks. Sorry man


There seems to be something wrong with gates, atm. Yesterday I played a game where I could click my opponent’s gate but then all my units attacked houses or walls nearby instead and not a single unit was able to attack that gate.

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It is this bug

Also red scout is running backwards for a moment at 0:18. Kinda cool :sunglasses:


Wow, this is pretty bad. Also I can confirm this too. Sometimes they won’t build it and I have to delete the gate and place it down another time


this video isnt me playing lol, it was some other guy’s replay on youtube I linked.


m00n w4lk and 20ch4rs

Happens to me every game. They need to fix this ASAP! You have to delete the gate and rebuild it for it to work.


That bug happens to me all the time as well. Hopefully it’s only with diagonal gates.


You know it would be a lot more helpful to you, the devs and everyone else to explain when/how this bug happened in the bug section rather than complain about it, right?


It happens everytime I open the game lol, 90% of my diagonal gates are bugged. I can’t complain much because I’m still running my old Gaming Desktop with Windows 7.

Bug is already reported. This topic is just for the bitter laughs. Also this video was not made by topic author.


Today I noticed this bug (100% it’s Bug)

( The current solution is to delete it and re-build it )

Hopefully developers fix it with next update

I had this bug a few days ago as well. Wasn’t on multiplayer but this is real stupid. Though being able to Scout rush is a bonus I suppose.

we need to have more diversity and strategies. scout rush needs love too!