🔓 The Age IV Season Five PUP—EXTENDED to May 19th!

Age of Empires Public Update Previews (PUPs) present an opportunity for our incredible players to get hands-on experience with exciting changes ahead of major updates. They also provide an opportunity for passionate players to give feedback and help us prepare for upcoming major releases. PUP builds will generally contain new features, content and bug fixes.

Owners of Age of Empires IV on Steam are invited to join us for a public preview of the Season Five update. During the timeframes listed at the bottom of this post, you can access a preview branch of the game, and provide feedback and bug reports on the Steam forums, not in these Age Forums. Note that you must be logged in with an account that owns Age IV to view the Steam forums.

As with previous PUPs, we ask that you concentrate your feedback on expected functionality, including major bugs, notable crashes and more. Players should submit bug and balance concerns in the Steam forums.

Among the content highlighted in this PUP is Empire Wars—a new, quick-to-action game mode where players start with a burgeoning empire, ready to dive into combat or advance to the next Age! Players begin the match with a variety of pre-built buildings and villagers already tasked on resource collection.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to try out three news maps before they officially go live, including Golden Heights, Migration, and Volcanic Island!

The Season Five Public Update Preview also includes:

  • Team Voice Chat – strategize with your friends in-match with the new team voice chat! Or use the speech-to-text feature to more easily send communications to your team!

  • New trade updates based directly on community feedback!

  • New unique options for every civilization! From unique tech and unique units, we’re making design changes so that each civilization’s personality shines through!

  • Additional support for mods that make it easier for everyone in the lobby to start the match.

  • … and a whole lot of bug fixes & balance changes!

To view the Release Notes, click here.

START - Thursday, May 4th @ 10:15 am PT (1715 UTC)
END - Monday, May 19th @ 10:00 am PT (1700 UTC)
STEAM FORUMS CLOSE - Tuesday, May 22nd @ 10:00 am PT (1700 UTC)


From all of us on the Age of Empires Team, we thank you for being a passionate member of the Age community. Together, we can build a better Age!

-The Age of Empires Team


I don’t think the link to the release notes is working.

Also, the PUP in this post says:
START - Tuesday, Jan 17th @ 10:15 am PT (1715 UTC)
END - Monday, Jan 23rd @ 10:00 am PT (1700 UTC)

You’ll need to login with a Steam account that owns Age IV to see them.

…teach me to reuse parts of old posts to save time :joy:. I’ll get it updated; thanks!!

Glad to help, thank you kindly! :slight_smile:

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