The AI is terrible

My post wasn’t about neither how i should feel nor about patch timetables.I was merely pointing out a simple contradiction and potentially devastating consequences of it.

If you just said this one sentence, it’d be perfectly fine and stayed within the PR context.

“I’m not allowed to say ATM,so stay tuned for updates”

But when you wanna add additional info like some things get pushed/changed/pulled out when soneone asks for not specific changes but in the context of 'Will general/substantial improvements gonna be made ?"

You last part of the answer was check next patch notes to be sure which gives the impression of 'You may not find all the things you requested"

Any way i’m not gonna take this further.Let’s leave it as is.

Peace out

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A new patch is coming out soon. We are promised improved AI.
Do you think it will happen?

A little more good news :slight_smile:

We need a radical change in the behavior of the AI, not just adding a bonus to the collection of resources.
I hope the AI will become stronger not only from the bonuses from the collection of resources.

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if AI was gathering at 2x that would be a bug. Now it’s a feature. Enjoy playing 2x broken AI.

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My new thread on AI bugs in the PUP patch. Who found more bugs can write them in my topic or create your own.

Calm down I think everything will be fixed.

You can leave your feedback about the AI’s behavior here :slight_smile:

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