The Alt+F4 Multiplayer Problem

Unfortunately they already know it is a bad thing man, they are making nonsense arguments just to defend the map pool because they like it. I don’t think they are low IQ, I just think they are selfish and creating false excuses to defend it.

If you are also annoyed with this issue, I recommend you to quit the game at this point. I have discovered so many great games that I wouldn’t play if I were still playing AoE.

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i don’t know how people invent the logic to dodge maps and then call the people whose time they’re wasting the selfish ones

and then they act like they’re an essential part of the system keeping the game alive :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


the real question is how Cysion can stay silent, seeing the teamgames destroyed by his negligency.

The current system doesn’t allow players to play the maps they like to play in lobby as there is no elo of some sorts there. Basically current system pushes players to play on ranked to get a balanced game. If there was an unranked elo on lobby this would not have happened. By denying unranked elo you selfishly push players to the ranked and when they don’t want to waste 30 mins on a boring match you complain. You should have complained about the current system which looks like a dumpster fire.

The people who create excuses like;

-dividing the player base,
-go to lobby then,
-learn to play different maps

are just selfish and intentionally ignore the fact that if someone AltF4 they also loose time. You just want other players to be forced to play boring maps with you so you can get faster queue time which is selfish.

A large portion of community thinks if you choose to wait for someone to play a map you like, you are selfish. They ignore to see that for the people who insist on Arena on this reddit post, other maps are unbearable to play and Arena is worth the wait.

I personally hate Arena but I don’t think I am entitled to an Arena players time. They wait for Arena while I wait for Nomad. The current system says no, you can’t wait, go play Islands and if we both AltF4 other people complaining about us instead of complaining about the system are tone-deaf or just selfish.


well i see enough selfishness in this post besides that i could agree that the circumstances are difficult on waiting time i would suggest you and @SouMexican to quit aoe2 ( and thats not ment in a toxic way) because as it stands right now there is a portion of player that dont like if player quit in lobbys or when the game start. And yes i might not be a Developer but i would say thats not thats whats suppose to happen in a game like aoe2.

Also there are different factors that influence this. Yes and inflated system for people who easy get more elo then they should. a bit of inbalance of the choices of the maps (eventho it should seen as a whole not sure some maps) and of course an very negative attitude towards commminicating in this game

and im sure if you get people who dont communicate and or are not on the level of their respective elo that sucks but this game is riddled with toxicity and it seems there is nothing that breaks the fact that miniture parts of the system needs to be fixed to also fix this attitude towards other players

You made my day. I got a big smile on my face. I really hope you arent serious with ‘they are selfish’ when talking about the players who like the ranked set up. If anyone is selfish, then it is the group that Alt F4. They dont seem to understand you can play whatever map you want in the lobby. So no one is forcing you into playing maps that you dont like in ranked.

If you want relative quick games and balanced games, then you can play in ranked.
If you want more freedom / more customizing options, then you can play in the lobby.

If people want more freedom, but play in the ranked and force their freedom by Alt F4-ing, then that is selfish, toxic behaviour.

Note: Both ranked and the lobby have its issues. Both settings are far from perfect. The devs should try to improve both ways to play the game (and drop quick play) in my opinion. Just to give you some examples of improvements:

  • Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues The ratings are still messed up. This is true for TG ratings in ranked, but also for unranked elo, which is used for the lobby.
  • How to improve the lobby? This is a list of general improvement of the lobby. For a large part it contains features that were in previous versions of the game (mostly Voobly), but are still missing to DE. These ideas are focused on improving the experience in the lobby.

if I try to play aoe2 and cannot actually play the game because almost none of the games successfully start, I am the selfish one? you really think anyone is getting convinced by that?

:woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

if i play for 5 hours, i will be in-game for about 1 hour and in-queues for about 4 hours.

the only people being forced to do anything are the ones like me. the alt+f4 people are literally forcing us not to play the game

i get the same garbage map pool as everyone else. in fact, none of the maps i enjoy playing are ever in the pool. but continue making up assumptions about what i want so that attacking your straw-man is easier

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If you blame the AltF4ers and defend the current matchmaking system yea, you are selfish.

You see no issue on people who like Nomad and people who like Arena being forced into a Islands map if they want a balanced game.

We can both be on the ranked and if my last 100 games doesn’t consist enough map variety, just don’t put me on the ranked table. People who care for ranked table, enjoy multiple maps or want fast queue times will ban less maps. People who don’t care for the rankings and willing to wait, will ban every map they don’t like.


you seem nice. calling people names for positions they don’t even hold

impressive logic you’ve demonstrated. probably the same logic you use to justify alt+f4’ing and wasting other people’s time

we did not design the matchmaking system. we did not select the maps. we did not ask you to join the queue.

but we’re the selfish ones and you’re the saint. if only the rest of us could be as smart as you

Logic that you couldn’t write anything to refute.

You blamed the AltF4’ers and not the horrible matchmaking.

I only wish you were as honest as me and confess that you like multiple maps and see no issue if other players have to leave the game or forced into a boring map.

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false. i have criticized both

you are free to like or dislike whatever map you want, but do not insult me based on positions i don’t even hold. and do not reply to me again

**oof ** that hurts

well honestly i could agree that is a broken system but the fact that it thats your faction the wrong ramifications to factually see it is just…oof

map variety should be an integral part of this game aswell as communication and respect for every player that means if you alt f4 because you had a bad map or people that inflated their elo that you plainly called bad then its your problem and hypocritical

Bad enough for me.

Well, seeing the community as delightful as before, I won’t write anything here again. Most here seem to be blaming the players who never AltF4ed on HD and Voobly, ignoring the fact that matchmaking system is the sole problem here. If you are also annoyed with the issue, I sincerely recommend you to stop playing the game on multiplayer. Time investment is really not worth it. For the map pool fans, enjoy your broken system, you deserved it %100.


@Ulthos seems to think that everyone who dont think like him is selfish. Isnt that THE example of him being selfish? Seems like he also ignore my points, since he only reacted to other users.

@WoodsierCorn696 i think its hopeless to change stubborness if @Ulthos and the other wanna stop instead of trying to fix it then its their thing

i mean agree that the system is broken but only through elo inflation and missing communication

No one is against an unranked elo to sort players. What we are against is quitting a game you agreed to because you didnt like the outcome


You are not making a good argument here. I am in favour of players having more freedom to choose what they play, but calling those that are simply playing with the system that has been given to them selfish is silly.

The players altf4ing are selfish for wanting to force other players who have no control over the map pool system to play what they want.

Topics to change the map pool are aplenty around here. This isnt one of those though. And whilst I agree with you the root-cause should be addressed (more freedom for players to choose from), until said root-cause is addressed, altf4 is a selfish act based on selfish justifications like “I dont want to be forced to play on your crappy map!”… Unfortunately thats the queue system we have in game and the other players are not to blame. They didnt choose it either… And when you altf4 you are the one doing the forcing.

I’ve altf4’ed several times, mostly due to teammates (~40% win rate? Nah.) and some times due to maps. I feel sorry for the players that perhaps were looking forward to those maps and matches, but I dont like those settings and I only have one ban. The system sucks and it should allow me to avoid the maps I won’t play and not try to put me on games with these players. But I cant say its the other players in queue being selfish just because they have a different favourite map… its me.

You alt+f4 games when you have people in your team who don’t have the best winrate? In a game, where people leave whenever they want or they just drop, because the servers are unstable?

That’s even worse than dodging because of a bad map, lol.

Maybe these guys have a bad winrate, because they play every map(even maps they are not good in) unlike you.

Imagine you are being forced to make new accounts, because people don’t want to play with you due to your winrate 11


I have an old account that I got to rank 800 with in TG it has 42% win rate cos I basically never played in a team I queued solo people kept leaving in the pre game lobby and calling me noob because of my winrate. I was forced at one point to make secondary account which was like 70% win rate till like 2300-2400 Elo then drops down to 48% currently. The biggest factor for win rate is obviously who you play with and if you queue solo. Alt f4 and crashes while add a lot of variance over the long haul these problems mostly Balance out over a large sample. Your point of people playing only one map to raise win rate is good point. I notice when a “bad” map gets picked and no one alt f4s it’s very common for me to be up against full clan and get destroyed as clans in this game know most people are garbage at most other maps than Arabia or whatever map they specialise in and can destroy with a full team and can control a higher proportion of the likelihood of an alt f4 happening to begin with. I think people should look at his 1v1 rating rather than his TG rating if his TG win % is low cos lots of people play on their own. If his won % low and he doesn’t play 1v1 then you can assume more often then not that he’s not that “good”

Indeed the alt4 thing need a solution, team games are terrible, it is not only about bad maps, but the ELO is a big problem.