The Alt+F4 Multiplayer Problem

Why don’t people who like to play different maps open lobbies and play whatever they want to play instead? The vadt majority of the player base wants to play either Arabia, bf, arena, or nomad, that’s where we should focus in terms of customer satisfaction.


Because that is not how the current ladder is set.

and the vast mojority of games dont happen on either of those maps coz they are either banned or someone else favorated a different map and wins.

you cant force people to play maps they dont like. the system needs to be improved. just forcing it upon people with alt-f4 penalty is not the way.


I have a question, do you alt-F4 right away?

I was queing with a friend yesterday and we had people alt-F4ing 6 times in a row before we could start a match…
But the thing that was even worse was that many times people didn’t alt-F4 right away but waited 40-50 seconds. That increased the time for us finding a match even more…

best way would be hiding maps before the game starts. you cant dodge what you don’t know, and if you don’t want to play the map in the ranked que that you joined voluntarily you lose Elo.

if you just want to play a specific set of maps there’s always custom lobbies. that’s not what ranked is for.

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Except this isnt the goal of quick play. Quick play is about getting into a game quickly and dont care about anything else. It wont result in balanced games at all. There is kind of no reason to play in quick play at all.

I have kind of the same experience in the lobby. If you ever played ranked, then some people think you arent noob any more. I wouldnt be surprised if players with 700-800 elo already get kicked if they have a winrate around 50% (which is pretty much possible if you have played 300 games) for being no noob…

And if you never have played ranked, then there is no issue at all. I have seen people with 2500 elo on the unranked elo ladder and a winrate of 80% who still hosting noob lobbies. Unranked elo (=lobby games) arent shown ingame, so people dont see that history. No one seems to have an issue with these kind of players in ranked.

To remedy these kind of issues i have made the following thread with some suggestion: How to improve the lobby?. Improving the lobby might also partially solving the Alt+F4 issue as well. People that dont like the ranked settings are then able to have a better experience in the lobby. So those stupid Alt+F4 users, because they dont like certain settings, will move to the lobby.

People are alt f4ing last second if it’s a widely regarded map that no one likes then they know the probability of someone else alt f4ing is high so they wait to see if they don’t have to do it and have a longer wait time with rebooting up game


I’ll chime in to say that I will continue to alt-f4 when I get a map I don’t want to play (and the unranked lobby is not a good place to get a competitive game). If MS (after choosing horrible maps that we have to play) starts punishing me for doing that, then I’ll gradually lose interest in playing. This will lead to me no longer watching streamers like T90 and Viper because I no longer have an emotional connection to the game. This means that the streamers will no longer get the donations I send them, which will make their streaming business less productive.

One person leaving the community might not affect it, but I don’t think I’m the only one who sees it this way. I believe this game will die again if MS goes down the road of punishing the players and trying to control it’s direction.

Let us ban the maps that we don’t want to play. I don’t care how long it takes to get a match, and it can’t be much worse than it is now with both teams alt-f4ing multiple times because one team likes closed maps and the other likes open maps.


They need to improve the other options, of course.

The fact that a lot of people see all their other options of finding a game to be bad options is indicative of the fact that they should be improving those options.


The best and easiest solution to implement by the developers is to show a small confirmation window to all players before sending them to the lobby system:

If X player does not want to play Arena he can decline and everyone is back to queue silently and instantly except for the decliner who has to queue up manually again. This way no one alt-f4 and everybody play what they want.


This is a great solution @GMEvangelos

Yes please ! great solution !

The last 2 weeks, 50% of the games in the Lobby are bugged … You cannot enter in it. It is terrible !

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Games that implement this feature still have a matchmaking time penalty for players that frequently decline matches, and when you decline a match everyone is thrown back into the queue except you.

I guess a smarter way to implement this would be to just remove that player from queue and not remove the other 7. Wait for one more to join up. So that way no need for time bans and the other 7 players don’t need to rejoin queue. Everyone happy


True that! It also helps if someone queued for ranked and went afk.

Probably the best proposed solution here

IDK but he isn’t around here anymore

With this caveat, it works.

Just to put the bottom line again imo about this issue. The Alt4ing is just a team game issue in 1v1 I have never seen this issue and people rarely talk about it, but in most cases it is a team game issue, by this the devs should only focus on fixing the problem only for teams not 1v1.


I’ll speak for myself. I’m not going to waste an hour of my life playing a map I do not want to play. I play this game for my own enjoyment. Not so we can have a “balanced elo” score through forcing people to play every map. Thanks but no thanks. And you need to also consider, if you succeed in forcing people to play maps they don’t want to play–making the game less enjoyable–it will hurt the community and reduce the amount of people that play.


This is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better. Great idea!!!