The AoE3 community needs your help!

It’s the first time I’ve made a theme in this sector and it feels a bit strange, ngl.

But I would like to bring you the following question.

So Apparently RedBull revealed their tourney and it doesn’t have aoe3 de while aoe1 gets 50k$ prizepool. As you can see below.

This is truly unfair that aoe3 de is left out ,for years we have been hosting tournies through community donations and we never had big prizepool for a long time

Well, I am well aware that there is perhaps not a very fluid relationship between our communities, but I would really like to ask you if you can express our support for us to have a place in the next WOLOLO!

Thank you very much for your attention.

PS: Please, let’s try to avoid disparaging games in the series in general.


Sorry, im just gonna be honest, i have zero interest in supporting aoe3 at all.


Tbh I think the idea of AoE1 getting their tourney and AoE3 not getting the same is a bit silly. AoE1 DE is not just dead but also kind of bad.

I think the definitive AoE1 experience is still Rome Returns


for this event, aoe3 is in the same category as aoe2 Random Map


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Even so, the ideal would be a Showmatch and that should be included in the list. AoE3 has more players than AoE1 (Although the competitive scene is lower).

I hope that the mistreatment of the game by the same as always does not continue. I trust that hatred does not prevail over reason.


They put the prices depending on the return they expect to get. Maybe it’s a typo, or maybe AOE3 has almost no tournament following despite decent sales number so they don’t think it’s worth it. Honestly I have no idea, I don’t follow esport at all.

I don’t think that you will find many arguments in favour of AOE3 on a forum about an older game, with most players having either not played AOE3 or prefering AOE2 over it.

Tbh I don’t get why they didn’t include AoE3, it’s the only other AoE game that actually has empire wars (and AoE3 players play it more than AoE2 players do!)


AoE3 is just the victim of M$ moneygrab. AoE4 is pure garbage and it deserves nothing but a server shutdown yet it gets the biggest prizepool. On the other hand AoE1 is less popular than AoE3 so I don’t understand the situation.


This is the 25 years of AoE1 so it would be weird to market the tournament as celebrating the 25th birthday of the franchise while not putting in the game that’s actually 25.


The better question to ask is why doesnt the most money goes to AoE2 DE? It is by far the best game. Just change the stakes of AoE2 and AoE4 for example.


Haven’t you noticed that since aoe4 went live they havd done everything yhey can to promote4 over 2.


Aoe3 is clearly the more popular game. But as pointed out above it probably worked out they could either have aoe1 or aoe3, and it’s the anniversary of aoe1… So there’s some logic in it.

I reckon next time around 3 is more likely to have a space than 1.


RIP aoe3. Even aoe1 is supposedly less dead. I don’t think so, though. I would gladly replace aoe1’s spot on the roster with aoe3. Not sure what they’re doing with this. Also the greater prize pool for aoe4 is confusing.

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Kinda surprised that AoE 1 gets a spot at the Red Bull tourney and not aoe 3. No one even plays aoe 1 you can barely find a game to play .

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Its because the event is about the 25th anniversary.


I hope the topic doesn’t get sidetracked. It seems very brave of @EliteRiflemann to propose this here because we usually throw some stones at each other XD.

The message we want to convey is that there is no AOE-1, AOE-2, AOE-3, AOE-4, AOM or AOE-O community. There is only AOE community and we must support each other. So it should be understood by microsoft, RB and all of us.


Let’s be more than that and post it on AoeZone 11
On a side note:

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That’s true, and I think it’s because

This isn’t true. There are definitely divided communities over the different games, based on personal preference. The reason people tend to get into such a state, is because they have a favorite game usually, when MS supports the other games in the series, it’s seen as a threat to each person’s preferred game, because it suggests MS may put less funding and time into the project each person wants, even if it is totally untrue. So I think yes, we are all part of an AoE community, but we are also each part of smaller communities that don’t always get along. Personally for example, I would have given AoE2’s prize pool to AoE3, then AoE4’s to AoE2, and don’t even include AoE4, because it’s the highest competitor against AoE2, which is my favorite game.


Please avoid making AOE III happen.

Not all games are timeless, worse games tend to fade away, they have smaller player-base, and smaller-competitive scene, and therefore smaller prize pools.

Same will happen to AOE IV according to the statistics trend.
So take it easy…

I mean the current context. If a game is excluded it is as if it does not belong to the franchise and at the same time you offend the community.

I can understand that they exclude AOM or AOE-O because they are alternate branches of the franchise, but AOE-3 is effectively the third and deserves to be there.