The art style of this game

Felt like they didn’t put enough textures and it is very cartoonish
Why I felt it is for kids and parents play together…

Is it the trend nowadays?


im holding off on how I feel about it right now cause some scenes look great other yeah seem like strongholds which Im personally not a fan of.

Also it looks very early looking at the trees and the gate destruction so it might not be the final look.


I don’t know if this an unpopular opinion, but I was a huge fan of AoE 3 style, it felt modern and crisp, I am not the biggest fan of the cartoon style they are going. But hey, it still looks awesome, I was expecting sth. different but I am still excited!


I am OK with it, they could have gone AOE3 track (or updated AOE2 ), but they went with CoH2, DOW3 route, the realm they’re familiar with. I guess this is what happens when a non-Age family team gets involved. However, I am pretty sure they were overwhelmed and needed to justify IV’s existence separate from AOE 2 DE, cuz this is also Medieval. Anyways, overall, I am OK, now lets be more optimist about core Age gameplay.


Definitely! I am so excited to get hands on gameplay :slight_smile: With also a new formed studio extra for AoE we can also hope for more games within the franchise without waiting 10 years for a next edition :stuck_out_tongue: So there is more to be excited about in the future!


Jap, this pictures showing us only bright, sweet colors. (like The Sims 3 Katy Perrys Sweet Pack)
Please Relic, leave this parth and give us a realistic colored Age of Empires.

do not orient yourselves to this SweetFX stuff, created by Fans with ADHS.


In my opinion they need make a little darker to reduce the cartonish look from it:

from user rectalpinist#7985 on aoe discord (not mine):


it still looks cartoonish. it seems really hard to fix. sadly enough it looks better on the original


I don’t know man. There is a lot depth of field in the game, I don’t think darkening current graphic would help it lol. This graphics is right up Relic’s alley. They did same of CoH2, and DOW3. At least this is not all DOW3, I would have hated that. As i said earlier, they need to justify the existence of this game since this is also medieval like 2…lets hope the gameplay is not cartoony, otherwise OOofff, that would be bad.

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yeah nah the original looks better. they also like to show thing with bloom and brightness up.


You know, if I being honest here, I looked trailer like 50 times already, and the graphics is more pastel-ly than anything else, I think that’s what throwing us guys. It is not cartoony, it is just matte everywhere. Look closely, units have a human form, but the armors, metals and flames just don’t emit reflection like they do in “real” graphics. So yeah, they definitely went between COH2, DOW3 and AOE 3 graphics. It looks good and unique.

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Too cartoonist - maybe its the uncanny valley. Relic hasn’t deviated much from their historical development style. Hopefully the gameplay is good and hopefully, the campaign is worthwhile. I have moved my hype to GTA 6 They always have pushed the boundaries this is like COC for PC.


For a game on pre-alpha, it looks very nice !!

Can’t wait for the next stages of gameplay to come!


They should add more reflection on objects. Everything has this pastel look. I think that’s why we are all saying cartoony, cartoonish etc.

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I am not sure we are talking about the same franchise. AoE is based on history and real things, but is not a sim and has never taken itself seriously. Our priests say wololo, for goodness sake.

In many ways, the graphical requirements of RTS requires certain unrealistic concessions. We need to be zoomed out enough to be able to scan the landscape while zoomed in enough to differentiate units and click on them easily. The only way to have both is to have units be unrealistically larger than life.

And to distinguish them between each other easily, we need certain parts of them (like their weapons, possibly their heads/torsos) to be unrealistically larger than normal.

At the very least, the general feel of the game does not have to be cartoony, but the graphics certainly need to be.


Yeah, I dig that. It is not cartoony, it is just not realistic with its color scheme. I HATED Civ6, I HATED DOW3, I HATED the new Battletoads game, but this one is something else. It is not cartoony, but it is not “realistic,” it is matte…it is pastel. I think I need to see more gameplay, and as I stated on all the way to the top, this ■■■■ looks sharp as ■■■■, I can see everything. I think that is the ultimate goal of graphic, to pop out the detail. ■■■■ look at that depth of field, oooFFF.


I doubt. Company of Heroes Looks more realistic and detailed


Maybe it’s own style but It seems really really poor of details


Yes, agree. They have time to change but they have to listen comunity

CoH2, sorry (i think I confused you). The angles of characters and objects of that game, and DOW3, this artstyle is like that. It is like somewhere between. It’s good not great. But something I can handle. Just hope the voices in the game is not anime.