The art style of this game

LMFAO, “Age of princess” that is a good one, not gonna lie. :crazy_face: Bro, come on, off course there are always gonna be people on both sides. I didn’t want them to go back to the medieval but many people did. So I accepted it. Similarly many think graphics is gorgeous (the critics, twitter, many here in forums, the youtubers, and pro players), and very few think it is an issue. Graphics means nothing on the Age game. Age online (celeste) is an example of that. If that game sucked, there wouldn’t be a fan version of the game. And truth is people are playing it, there are multiplayer game running right now. What made that game trash? The business-model and platform model. It did many things right arguably.

Gameplay is where any Age game becomes a hit or flop. I am denying you or @nonlosojimmy or many age buddies like you, that games can use little re-work in the details of models. But I will hate to break it you, game is probably past its design and graphical stages, that is why there is a “gameplay” (in-game cinematic) exists. They can only improve existing details, going back and starting over will be costly, and not practical.

So we should all end the conversation here. If you like the Age IV graphics good for you. If you don’t like the Age IV graphics, also good for you! Let’s shift the conversation from merely aesthetic to meat of the game- the gameplay.