The Best Update EVER (improved walls)

They also continue to improve the performance of the game! honestly, the game is going very well for me, to hear that they are still concerned about performance is amazing


This looks so good, especially the amount of fixed bugs has been astonishing! Finally we can give some praise to devs.


Now I’m going to wonder how much @SalamanderRobot’s work has to do with this change 11


Yeah, the patch looks great imho. Not sure about a few of the balance changes, im not convinced about some of them. But the qol stuff is solid.

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More effects and more triggers on scenario editor. Improved gameplay (double clicking villagers, removing units from global queue etc.). This is the best update if there is not big new bugs.


True aside from the fact that whole civilization is “bugged” now, the Indians.

I just tested it. It is exactly what I suggested, except that the Solutions 1 & 2 (see here for details) are automatically selected by the game to have the longest wall section on the side of the wall starting tile (instead of letting the player choose like for the gates).
You can also check this in the web demo I made in this post.

Very happy to see it implemented :smiley: