The card Leather Soldiers bugs for unit Cruzob Infantry

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  • **GAME PLATFORM: Steam
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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First send the card Leather Soldiers ,then the Mexicans revolution into Yucatan then to Maya.
when turn to Maya, we can see the unit Cruzob Infantry still need gold but not wood. According to the description on this card Leather Soldiers, it will changes the Coin cost of Mexican Cavalry and Infantry to Wood, but when revolution to Maya , the unit Cruzob Infantry did not changes.
This bug really has a huge impact on the mode treaty ,when we want to play Maya because Maya’s economic structure depends on food and wood , rarely on gold.
So I suggest add the change about Cruzob can cost food and wood when send the card Leather Soldiers , it will make this game mode more fun and completeness.
(Ps: As I am not a native speaker of English, probably my expression is not accurate enough, so if any question please communicate with me.)

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. First send the card Leather Soldiers.
  2. Then the Mexicans revolution into Yucatan then to Maya.
    3.Last to see the state of unit Cruzob Infantry ,it still cost gold but not wood.

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Cruzob Infantry state

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We are already tracking this issue. Thanks for taking the time to report it to us. :+1:

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Thats not a bug leather soldier card mentions about changing “Mexican” units, Cruzob infantry is not a “Mexican” unit so it right.

sure it is , but this change really matters the Maya’s play, many treaty players agree with me in this point, if change we can use Maya in treaty and it will let the game more happy.

Thanks for reading ,well in fact I think in treaty I know quite a few, as I am also top 10 in ELO.(In treaty ELO top 10 the player koi is me)
Maya seem to be designed as a treaty or a upper choose, but it has several defects which make itself do not suitable for treaty mode. So if this bug correct , later I will discuss how to make Maya to be a suitable civilization in treaty mode that we can make the game more fun, which it still is under reasonable conditions.

No offense but you don’t seem to play treaty as much as I do else you would know me or at least you play with people who are not even competitive. As I’ve said Cruzob infantry is not “MEXICAN” unit is “MAYAN” unit. BESIDES, having their cost changed from gold to wood won’t make such a difference. What Mayans needed is better artillery (for their case Imperial light cannon + a unit that does the shock infantry/cavalry option for them. Ideally, you could take the Gendarme card and train them from the fort but the Gendarmes are super coin heavy and not viable to train them as Mayan, at least in 40 mins treaty.