The Castilians civ concept (Second version)

This is the second revision of the Castilians civ concept that I’ve been wanting to do for a while because I really wanted to create an updated and better version of this civ concept.

Castile is the historical region covering the area of Spain that consisted of most of Castile and León, all of the Community of Madrid, and the majority of Castilla–La Mancha. The name “Castile” derives from the word “castillo” (meaning “castle” in Spanish), or “land of castles” in reference to the castles built in this area. This region was where the powerful states of the Kingdom of Castile and the Crown of Castile ruled over and throughout the 781-year period, they would engage in a series of wars with the Moors known as the Reconquista.

A proposed flag

Year span: 712 - 1492 CE
Focus: Defense, Religion, Reconquista
Difficulty: 2/3


  • Villagers have +8 Torch damage.
  • Infantry units deal +1 attack points to units with each age up.
  • Outposts cost -25 Wood but +25 Stone.
  • Stone Wall Towers and Keeps are constructed 50% faster.

Influence: Reconquista

What does the Reconquista influence do: Buildings within the influence of the Town Center generate a trickle of Wood and Gold. Keeps can also spread this influence if one chooses to build the Peñaranda Castle Landmark. The generation rate can increase with the number of units killed.

Unique units:

  • Adelantado - Noble unit that helps increases the influence coming from the Reconquista and can use an aura to buff a group of military units. Available at the Barracks starting in the Feudal Age and becomes available at the Town Center if you have the Royal Palace of Olite landmark.
  • Jinete - A cavalry unit that throws a javelin when in ranged mode and uses a spear when in melee mode. Can switch between ranged mode and melee mode. Available at the Stable and replaces the Horseman (since jinete means “horseman” in Spanish).
  • Cardinal - A religious unit that can convert without a relic but targets only one unit. It can be switched to Inquisitor Mode if Inquisition is researched. Available at the Monastery and replaces the Monk.

Unique Technologies:

  • Water Wheels - Docks doubles as resource gathering points for Farms and Forest.
    Villagers drop off 8% more Food and Wood at docks. Available at the Dock starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Parias - Villagers nearby Town Centers generate +20 gold per minute while enemy villagers’ gold gathering rate is -15%. Available at the Monastery starting in the Castle Age.
  • Inquisition - Cardinals are given the ability to switch to Inquisitor mode, which turns them into infantry if in that mode. Available at the Monastery starting in the Castle Age.
  • Order of Calatrava - Knights can be created at the Monastery. Available at the Monastery.
  • Constable of Castile - 1 Adelantado is created automatically from each Keep every 5 minutes. Available at the Monastery starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Colunella - Hand Cannoneers provide nearby Spearmen with +3 Armor, and Spearmen provide nearby Hand Cannoneers with 15% attack speed. Available at the University.
  • Treasure Fleet - Trade ships loaded with trade, provide a boom to nearby ships. Increases their movement speed by 20%. Available at the Dock starting in the Imperial Age.


  • Basilica of San Isidoro, León - Landmark that lets nearby villagers carry double the number of resources and enables construction of the Monastery in the Feudal Age. Based on the building of the same name.
  • Segovia Fortress - Landmark that increases the armor of nearby outposts by 75% and reduces the reload time by 20%. It also contains Blacksmith technologies, but there, they are researched 100% faster. Based on the Alcázar of Segovia .
  • Santa Maria Abbey - Landmark that acts as the Monastery. It spawns a relic upon completion. Based on the Abbey of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas .
  • Peñaranda Castle - Landmark that acts as the Keep. The cost of Emplacements at this Landmark by are reduced by 35%. Based on the building of the same name.
  • Valladolid Institute - Landmark that acts as a University. It enables Keeps to also spread the influence. Based on the University of Valladolid.
  • Royal Palace of Olite - Landmark that contains military units and lets the units be produced 200% faster and lets you create Adelantados at the Town Center. Based on the building of the same name .

Wonder: Burgos Cathedral

Architecture: It would be based on Gothic architecture that happens to be in Castile, the historical region, with Isabelline-style being prominent in the Imperial Age.

Language: Old Spanish (As with other civilizations, the language would evolve within each age you have reached).

Proposed Stats for each unique unit:


  • Cost: 100 Food, 75 Wood, and 50 Gold
  • Training time: 18 Seconds
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Attack: 5
  • Melee armor: 3
  • Pierce armor: 3
  • Speed: 1.25 tiles/second


  • Cost: Same as Horseman
  • Training time: Same as Horseman
  • Hitpoints: Same as Horseman
  • Melee Attack: Same as Horseman
  • Ranged Attack: 10 (Regular), 12 (Veteran), 14 (Elite)
  • Fire Attack: Same as Horseman
  • Rate of Fire: 1.60 seconds (Melee), 2.130 seconds (Ranged)
  • Range: 4.5 tiles
  • Melee armor: 0
  • Pierce armor: Same as Horseman
  • Speed: Same as Horseman
  • Upgrade cost: Same as Horseman
  • Upgrade time: Same as Horseman


  • It has the same stats as the Monk while having certain different/added features (as mentioned in the description of this unit).
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There are certain things I think your spanish civ lacks, I assume you are spanish (like me), so:

  • I would change the spearmen to Alabardero, an unique spearman with an unique castle tech that increases his damage against armored units.
  • Tercios: the tercios were really a group of elite soldiers who used both alabardas, mosquetes and arcabuces. I would add a buff when mixing these units. Replace handcannoners with arcabucero, an unique gunpowder unit who gets a buff (maybe more defense, or more attack speed, i don’t know) when is near an alabardero.

Spain didn’t shine for his knights as france, so I would replace knights to something like a medium armored knight, and change horseman for jinetes as you mentioned, but I don’t like the idea of throwing javalines.

The reconquista mechanic is good, but reconquista was a intense war period, maybe has more sense to increase the reconquista bonus as you kill units, not for building.

The cardinal and inquisition mechanic is good.

I would make spain an infantry civ with a strong late (alabardero + arcabucero) and with bonuses to their eco based on their reconquista points (same as rus with hunt), with an unique monk unit (cardinal) who can also switch to inquisitor to fight other units.

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I’m not Spanish but thanks for the feedback. I’ll consider your suggestions and see which changes I can make.

I’ve made some changes to this post.

Here is a arcabucero, the spanish replacement of the handcannoners I mentioned.