The Castilians civ concept

Another update to make:

Some changes to the Bonuses:

  • Blacksmith technologies cost -50% bonus removed
  • New Bonus: The Stone Wall Tower and Keep costs -50%

New Unique Unit:

  • Cardinal - A religious unit that can convert without a relic but targets only one unit. It can become an infantry if Inquisition is researched. Available at the Monastery and replaces the Monk. The Cardinal replaces the Missionary as a proposed unique religious unit.

There’s a flag that’s exactly the same as the first flag pic but happens to be in the form of the AoE4 flags. Thanks @Seicing for the creation of this flag!

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One change to make:

A change to a Bonus:

  • Stone Wall Tower and Keep costs -50% bonus replaced by Stone Wall Tower and Keep are constructed 50% faster.

I think this would be the perfect civ to reintroduce champions. I know most civs have had them in mediaeval times, but because stories like El Cid, champions feel like a good fit.

Reading these gave me an idea. I really like the Reconquista aspect of the civ. How cool would it be if each landmark was another Iberian kingdom uniting to eventually make Imperial Spain. You can have landmarks from the Castilians, Navar, Aragonese, Valencians. The imperial age landmarks could be from one of the last regions conquered, like Cordoba or Granada.

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