The Chams - new civ concept

The Red King Army is a reference to Po Binasour the king who conquered most of Vietnam and is supposedly called “the Red King”

I mean, theres always the odd case of a traitor or something like that. I was looking for a Cham camapaign a while ago and there was a exiled Cham pronce that served as a Khmer general

This guy

Thanks for your input, I didn’t know that the Red King referred to Po Binasuor. But still I feel that the +5 melee armor to Battle Eles is too similar to the Howdah, and potentially too strong.

I have an even more interesting idea. Since the Battle Eles are now a shared regional unit between Southeast and South Asian civs and giving the look of things I don’t think the devs would give Ele Archers to Southeast Asian civs, so why not make another regional unit that is unique to SE Asian civs, something like Ele Skirmisher? Javelins were a common weapon for tribal peoples of Southern China and SE Asia hence I have no doubts that such an unit existed. And the Red King Army could very well be a tech that strengthens the Ele Skirms of the Chams, like providing them +1 range and +1 attack for instance.

That could work but tbh I think ele archers are already anti archer enough. What I think could work alternatively is making the ele skirm a unique unit somewhere

And I dont see how it would be too OP tbh. It makes their eles barely better than Burmese ones on melee while being weaker vs archers and halbs. I also dont think it overlaps that much as we already have multiple similar cases

Either way other option is increasing elephant blast damage

Such units existed in South Asia so SEA would too have them. Below picture is a duel between two kings drawn as per the writings in the historical text mahavamsa.

Not a troll. (Almost 20 characters)

Agreed. Regarding all of the points above, I mentioned it several times already. There is a huge issue of making Chams unique. We already have 3 identical Hussars: Winged Hussars, Hussars, Magyar Huszars: What’s the difference? - YouTube

Elephant Skermisher? How different will he be from Elephant Archer?

Why do you always ask that… Its an ele arcger made into an skirmisher

So, we have an idea for a campaign. That’s great! :smiley:

I thought that referred to Khmer? :thinking:

Why do people as stuff? To get enlightened of course!

Won’t it look like like Kipchak only on an elephant? :thinking:

What’s a difference between a kipchak mangudai and CA? Same cane be done for the elephant.

And for someone above who’s saying that the UU Cham Pirate is useless for having a bonus attack against ships, considering that both Camel Riders and Pikeman have a bonus against ships and both are pure land units, so a land unit having a bonus against ships isn’t something unheard of.

I envision this unit as a raiding unit, though could perform anti-ship roles in certain situations (like on maps with lots of shallows and mangroves). It should be relatively fast, having a similar speed as Eagles and Karambits. It has a bonus damage not only against ships, but also against Civilian Units (a new armor class that includes Villagers, Trade Carts, Trade Cogs, and Fishing Ships), Monks, and Standard Buildings. Its specialty is that it generates a small trickle of all four resources while attacking enemy buildings and ships.

Their looks and weapons. Kipchak carries a bow with multiple arrows. Mongudai is a type of cavarly archer.

Same thing applies to elephant archer and elephant spear thrower the skin differs and they can have different bonus damage.

Honestly if the civ is so reworked either edit the first post or start a new one.

I think they should get a trade cog that is capable of defending itself until the actual naval forces arrive.