The curious case of AoE 4 graphics (lots of screenshots)

as for the new water, my only nitpick is 0 reflections, rest is significantly better

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I agree, I would like siege units to disarm when destroyed…

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Yes, animations and crew.


This so much. They had those in the past games and also had some nice death animations such as collapsing trebs in AoE 2.


The bodies of the destroyed siege weapon was visible for a while too

I have to say, the Handcannon Slits feature the most underwhelming effects and sound in the game. It is justifiably puny in contrast to the Cannon Emplacement, but I still feel it could have a little more going on. Some smoke, sparks, light, or at least an impact effect. Feel it shouldn’t have a jagged arc at this point either (along with most projectiles). Developers have done a good job with actual Handcannoneers, the Janissary’s new effects especially look great. The sound of these Handcannon Slits also reminds me more of a balloon blowing up than it does actual Handcannoneers.

Handcannon Slits

Cannon Emplacement for comparison. Feels, looks and is pretty powerful.

Though to be fair, I share the same opinion of the regular arrows that shoot off Outposts, TCs and Keeps. They’re quite underwhelming in presentation, sound and feel. Here is hoping that these may be revisited in the future.