The Dutch need a nerf right away

Hi everyone, there are many 2v2 games that I play with various civilizations and every time I have against Dutch my team loses, this all with the last balance where I see that the Netherlands manages to make a really good mass immediately because of that buff of the collection of money increased, I like the fact that they have the possibility of having more colonists in the late game but everything else makes them really too strong right away and even in the middle of the game where they already were but now they are even stronger, their starting economy game and half is strong then … Please balance this civilization otherwise I will leave the game so that a patch will not come out where the Dutch will be nerfed and balanced!


What are your ranking?

If you don’t enjoy the game anymore, maybe you should take a break from the game and do other things. Balance take times to adjust.

I respect the fact that you took some time to post your feeling here. Personnaly I don’t think the +5% gold gather rate have broken dutch, and there is many civs as strong. Dutch have to invest 2800 ressources very early to launch their economy. This huge investissement means that they can’t create a huge military mass like other civilization. Where dutch shine is arround 11-12 min when they can afford running 2 military buildings while most other civs can’t


In a world full of Swed, Inca, Japan, India, Lakota, you are asking for a dutch nerf.

Holland is just fine right now, there’s absolutely nothing “too strong” with them. You can not just ask for a nerf because you don’t succeed to deal with a civ.


I do notice a trend that on the lower levels of team play, there’s not as much rushing/aggression. Rushing is probably not a mastered skill at this level, so it leads to lower level players mainly booming/turtling.

Thus, those civilizations with strong eco advantages (Japan, Sweden, Inca, and Dutch if you let them build banks) find much prominence Age 3 and beyond.

Team games felt different in TAD where once it’s 5 minutes and everyone is in Age 2, the bloodlust ensued


4v4 dutch can be strong with 6mins 5 banks.
Btw on top of dutch still have Sweden, Japan, Inca, that dutch is nothing to them.


I have 1700 elo, I often take breaks because otherwise I go crazy, I think that with the last patch the Dutch is still too good, it was already good before but now it seems to have a better push, Holland is one of the problems but in truth beyond to this there would be other civilizations that would require a nerf, yes for the balancing it takes time but almost 5 months have passed.

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Frankly my biggest problem now is the Dutch, then the Swedes and the Japanese come.

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What you say is true but since yesterday I can tell you no, I think it was a 1700 of elo as the ranking said but instead this player did a pike rush start and then immediately switch to skirm, it was very fast, it seemed a very strong old player, he was a 2v2 his ally was German while I had Germans and my ally Japanese.

To be fair, 1700elo in team is quite low. Maybe you need to focus more on your gameplay, and as you improve you will be able to deal better with early agression.

8 pikes + skirm racks is a basic rush for holland. There’s nothing too strong with that…


1700 is equivalent to what rank on the old eso? 2nd lieut?

The 5% buff of the money gather rate is to slightly improve dutch early game, specially on 1v1 and have no impact on their mid game since you won’t have that many vills on coin because of the banks. While the bank of Amsterdam and rhoterdam cards were aimed at their late game economy which was too weak.
These changes were needed because on 1v1 the civ simply wasn’t competitive enough
That being said, dutch is strong on teams but they are definitely not the strongest.
You said you played Germany which is one of the weakest team civs and it could be the case that they need more options for team games rather than nerfing a civ that is just fine.


I dont know.
Usually is the opposite I think.
On teams, specially 3v3 as people become better at defending rushes simply aren’t as viable and it comes down to one trying to outgreed the other

No they dont.

Dutch are good in the 10 min mark where you have 5 banks and 2 rax or stables and can counter whatever your enemy can throw at ya.

The current boost allows halbs to be viable in age II and not a gambit, but by no means an OP civ. Remember that halbs only come with the logistician, which is not a common meta for dutch, since it puts your eco in serious disadvanttage

A more common 400w is prone to well placed timing attack, or even a hard rush. Pikes are not easy to micro and they are not the easiest units to mass produce, also very vulneable to musks. So a musk push and pull will take care of the pikes while 3 or 4 huss takes care of any skrims ammassed. Its not easy to survive the early game (not impossible, but not for any player).

In evey team game i have, if there is a dutch player in the opposite team i say hard rush dutch. They cannot hold most of the times, and the blow makes it 2vs1 easy.

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What’s next, first nerf Japan, the Nerf Sweden, now nerf Dutch 11?, next one who, Spanish, British, Ottomans?

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Nerf the Russian… They have too many units…or something

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Yeah I think you’re right. I said my last post from a TAD perspective where I played a lot of rush team. But the team games I have played on DE, people don’t seem to rush and they always go for the Age 3 mass with cannons. Usually at 9-10 min

I can still see why many people would have trouble with those strong age 3 civs. When I watch pro players play tournament games, they know they can’t let those civs flourish.

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Dutch is fine. They still die to age2 timings. If they boom you should boom too. Try petarding their banks once in age3.


Play as Spain if you’re having a hard time versus Dutch, 16 pike aggressive FF + falcs + skirmishers in their base at around the 8 minute mark = win almost every time.

In a team game I’d recommend you and your teammates targeting the Dutch player first to cripple them and get the juicy xp from killing banks.

Im 1800/1900 rating now but i had a bad week im lvl 32 liutcolonel on nila so a good captain on tad

i think 1700 elo is like first lieut

try pertards:) it fix your iseu