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Well, I have to say that with all my love for this game and the shared community that loves it too… the behavior here in the comments is often bully, condescending and putting each other down.

I’ve been here for a year now, I’ve written less than 30 posts myself and I’ve seen many others.
Whenever someone proposes an idea that others don’t like or God forbid a bit historically wrong - everyone gathers to show him that he’s wrong and back each other up.
If someone says something that has already been said in previous posts, people ask them why they wrote that or they just don’t respond to at all.
If someone doesn’t understand something, people answer him with cold sarcasm.
Just like everywhere else online.

Some of the comments are mean and intended to hurt.
Endless ego arguments about every little and insignificant thing.
complaining all the time about how the devs don’t listen to anyone and released terrible DLC’s (this apparently we can hear over and over again).

There are very nice people here but the overall feeling is bad.
I’m sad that this is how it is, I thought it should be different and especially here.

I wish everyone here who sees this will think about it and try to apply more kindness, so that we can all enjoy the game and the interest around it as much as possible, and also learn a thing or two.


power of the interweb

just learn to ignore them will go a long way. also what I find a lot is people attack others simply because of disagreement thats the most common and often times i find the need to suppress the urge to treat them with the same tone/attitude in kind


I never argued with you. Just found the threads you kept making super repetitive with like 5 polls and little meaningful engagement clickbait. Take some responsibility


The very fact that you’re busy with me and don’t see that it’s happening all over this forum with everyone else - shows exactly the point I was trying to make.

And as I wrote to you in the previous thread, thank you.

No I call out all kinds of hypocrisy. Don’t feel so singled out. I try and maintain my idea of order and correct path much like everyone else does

But I say this to you because frankly you’re getting a bit fainting couch over something inconsequential and xome across as really main character syndrome.

Just relax.

I am completely relaxed, it seems to me that you are the one who needs to relax.

This is already the third time in the last two days that you have commented on one of my threads in a disgusting way and I have not seen that you usually comment much to others.

Are you a hypocrite, Mr. Psychologist?


I agree with you Riverman. There are some people in this forum, probably a bit dissatisfied in life, who try to judge others to boost them selfs. Heads-up: It let’s you feel better for a moment, but more miserably longterm!

Instead, we should motivate creativity, fun of the game, fun of history, friendlyness, advice, prospect.

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by the way, Dyn.Planet did the same to me, several times. You’re not alone :wink:

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Yes! thank you very much man.


You answered yourself. Welcome to the world of internet. This is how it is.

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This is the favorite game of many of us, people are supposed to communicate here for a common goal and not attack each other, right?

So yeah it bothers me and others but we’ll get through that too, don’t worry.

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I agree with you, I find this derrogativ way of arguing very unfair and tame because I can’t really confront you and take full responsibility for what I may say without being face to face. That’s why I can be quite direct or even rude irl but I don’t like being it behind a screen. I have all the time to think of a reasonable answer so if I don’t do it I’m just being dismissing.
Unfortunately human moderators in this forum act like bots, with a very literal approach to law, like if you make an harmless political joke you get a monthly ban (because of “rules” I guess) while morals are completely thrown out of the window and it’s honestly surprising to me that some people could get away with certain comments in the past (that said I wouldn’t ban anyone if it was for me unless someone is being really really obnoxious).

I love some sarcasm but when it’s so pervasive it just becomes sterile and “look how smart I am”, it doesn’t help the discussion in any way… you often have situations everywhere in the internet where the discussion instead of being honest or even goofy (why not? Drop your guard I mean, you don’t have to look smart all of the time, cit from a song lol) it’s just about how much you can be pedantic with words or to prove you’re right even when it would be easier to admit that your initial stance was going too far or try to see something in both ways. Or god forbid say sorry or I don’t know or you may have a point etc.
Also you can’t speak about politics but most of the times you get shut down is for political/ideological reasons like the third world complex some Europeans or developing countries’ users have with civs proposals… First world/wannabe first world problems indeed…
In the end it’s really not that important, just avoid feeding the nonsense when you see it. You know in your heart when you’ve been ill intentioned and when not.

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You are one of the very nice people here that I talked about above!


Aaaw thank you but I don’t think I’m that nice in person ahah kind of a short fuse at times. But the advantage of the internet is that you can take your time to answer and there’s no point in wasting time to be right in a sterile discussion.
I’m a very polemical and opinionated person (look at what I just said about moderators, hope they don’t ban me again lol) but you can be like that without being a complete arse, I believe in trying to make people reason… Kinda…
I’m also very passionate so my honesty at times can come out as a bit aggressive maybe but I hope it’s clear enough it’s not really my intention, it’s just what I think it’s right (see my call for monetizing mods) and I try to convey that with strong words but possibly no insults.

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Fine by me, and I’m aggressively honest too.
But like you said - no insults.

When someone insults me I usually stop listening, so that’s what happens the other way around as well.
I try my best.


Funnily enough, I’m the exact opposite. I’m a massive pushover in real life and am constantly polite and constantly backing down from a fight. The instant I go online, all bets are off. It’s like I’m a totally different person.

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Well don’t imagine me as some kind of aggressive person, I’m just outspoken if I care for something but I never shout in your face or force you to agree with me. I just argue vehemently I guess but I’m also kinda shy.
The thing you say about online happens to most people, I think if you’re a bit afraid to speak up irl internet helps you unleash this side of you because it’s safer when you’re not standing in front of the person.

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I understand what you are talking about, the rule regarding the forum is this.

If it is not understood, I explain, users can freely have the discussion that you exemplify in your thread, it is taken as a heated discussion, and although yes, it can be tedious, the users of this forum (and of the Internet in general) can be So.

If someone flame or insults you, do not hesitate to report it with the corresponding tool, the moderators will take charge.

PS: Since this thread doesn’t have much to do with AoE2, I’m moving it to another category.

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