The future of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

My point is, is it helpful or meaningful to the game to waste a lot of attention debating something that is firmly represented in the game and clearly rejected by the developers? Especially when there are still so many potential candidates who haven’t yet had a place in the game?

You can see how many threads had flowed into arguing about the split. I worry the community’s tendency to debate these matters has the risk to bury other, more beneficial discussions.

You misinterpreted my meaning. My focus is on attitude.

One can hope that the developers bring more or less desired content in the future. But blaming the developers for not making it is unhelpful and sometimes unpleasant. Perhaps the burden of these tasks is not as huge as imagined, but is it appropriate for us to blame or condemn them? They are the ones who work, and they are the ones who are responsible for the revenue performance, not us. If the desired content is not adopted, we can be disappointed, or even quit the game, but I think it is too much to condemn it as the developer’s “fault”, after all, these are not the obligation. Their real obligation is to make sure paid content works properly (eg no bugs), maintains balance as much as possible and pursues a better gaming experience (eg less lagging, better localization translations, etc.), not to add whatever the players want. Some people have made me feel like they think what the game should be like and selfishly think that devs who don’t or other players who disagree are wrong or hypocritical.

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Hi replying here from New Zealand, I noticed back in the day there was a Maori Civ in Wars of Liberty thats looked cool. Would be interesting to see if they do some Polynesian civs.
The history fits in nicely with the game as there were some big battles between Maori tribes aided by British influence that is known as the musket wars.


There have been a few suggestions for them put forward:


I guess the true future of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is some god-of-mod judging what people are allowed to want huh.


What I mean that it could be clicked on the revolution tab as Prussian Hegemony, Prussian expansion, assimilation or whatever you want, for a cheap way to include Prussia.

I’m not an expert on the crazy history of the gazillino numbers of HRE and they relation with each other or Prussia, but no need to talk like that

Nobody owes you nothing, only respect, but man you lose it here. Not knowing about something doesn’t mean that is a stupidity, just lack of knowledge. We are here to discuss and learn.

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That split was also way more popular because the original civ’s design (as the majority of civs released in The Forgotten expansion, though not nearly to the same degree) was considered to be quite bad, unlike the design for Germans in AOE3.


I am against the German propaganda of the 1930s and 1940s, which says that Austrians are Germans. It is a different nation with its own culture and history that is very vast and interesting. As a dynasty, the Habsburgs were masters of family longevity and political decisions. Thanks to the marriage configuration, the Austrian Habsburg dynasty took over the lands of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Silesia (before the Poles planned to regain these areas - Polish King Casimir the Great was the closest, but as a result of an accident he died just before the planned war to regain the province as his Polish dynasty legacy) and later the year 1526 came (the Habsburgs took these areas because Louis I of Hungary died shortly after the Battle of Mohács against the Ottoman troops of Suleiman the Magnificent) and the Czechs who had seized them went to Austria . I believe that Austria was a different country from Germany in many respects, not only the multinationality of the inhabitants of the kingdom. Same language as Germany, but there are many differences, As for the “german speaking people” in game Age of Empires 3, I offer the following scenarios:

A) Add Austria as a brand new faction and give Germany more aspects of Prussia (they were the strongest German faction).
B) Add Austria, rename Germany to Prussia and rework the faction.
C) Add Austria, Prussia, Saxony and remove “Germans” as a faction
D) Add Austria, Prussia, Saxony and rename “Germany” to “German States” (there were many other German factions for example Westphalia, Bavaria and others).

The developers said a few years ago that they don’t want Austria and Prussia? They also didn’t want to add faction culture packs to AOE 2: DE, but when people wanted to and then bought it, it came out as many Dlc and there will probably be more of them. So I think if people want it, the developers will do something about Austria and Prussia. Btw, I hope they also remake Slavs to Kievan Rus in Age of Empires 2 DE. Regards!

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