The future of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

But he can quickly distinguish a tiger tank and a panther tank in COH without any problem.

Oh sorry. “You don’t need to remember these” in all other games except AOE3.

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Sure, anything is possible…

Na, it’s not broken, I played the entire March event and I didn’t have any problems…

Sí,se viene el Sudeste de Asia?

The same, the Panther and the Tiger II are very similar to each other…

I’d say not really. For anyone that is familiar enough with WW2 they are quite “different”. Well for people that are not, “they are all tanks”.
---- And that is always my point regarding “distinguishability”. The thought process is not “I see it and immediately knows what it does”. It is “I am aware they are different → I can accept they have different roles”.
In fact across the COH series the same unit/vehicle is usually given a different role or different abilities in one game than another. But that is not a problem. People who know the tanks well enough first realizes “panthers and tigers are different tanks” then whatever unique ability given to them is okay.

Regarding AOE3, more people are not familiar enough with the setting. They cannot accept “one guy carrying a gun is a different unit than another guy carrying a gun” in the first place (then what about the different polearms in AOE2?), not to mention them having different roles. Also some units’ appearance are so culturally/historically distinct that one can immediately relate them with images of “different units” (for example, a skirmisher with a typical Bavarian clothing vs a skirmisher with a well-known Italian uniform), then you map their uniqueness to those images ---- but if you don’t know about that part of culture or history, you’ll probably say “nah they are the same unit. Why are they given different roles?”

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I mean, yes I understand… I’m a huge fan of WW2 and I know they had different types of armor… the panther was the panzer V and it had rounded armor, the tiger was the panzer VI but it was squarer and the king tiger it was the tiger plus the rounded armor of the panther…after there was no panzer VII and the Germans took out the maus, which was the panzer VIII and there were only two prototypes before the end of the war…the maus for example appears in the game Turning Point Fall of Liberty…

Frankly I do not think hundreds of people theory crafting and arguing about balance is even fun after a point.

I’m quite sick of people constantly disapproving of the changes the devs want to make.

This time at least, most people agreed with PUP changes. When you agree, there’s not much to comment.


A lot of people agree with me → I’m right
A lot of people disagree with me → echo chamber → I’m right
Nobody talks about it → game dead because they didn’t listen to me → I’m right


I think that a nice solution could be surveys on the subject of future DLCs, which the creators would do. It could look like players would choose the main civ in such a DLC, and then a second (and maybe even a third) civ would be added together in one DLC. For example, if the players most often chose Persians in the vote, then they would choose civs that fit them thematically: Arabs, Mamluks, Moroccans, Tatars, etc.

Of course, I know that the developers look at what the players are interested in - hence we already have Swedes, Incas, Italians and African civs in the game. Mexicans and the USA were not so much wanted by the players, but they were created for large player markets - hence we can expect more postcolonial civs, this time from South America.

The Maltese civs that appeared alongside the Italians civ in a joint DLC quite possibly might not have been chosen by players if they could have chosen other Apennine civs in such a poll - Venetians or Sicilians as separate civs would probably be preferable than Malta.

Maltese civ are like USA civ. Both of these civs opened the way for completely new types of civs in AoE 3 - post-colonial powerhouses and regional powerhouses (if you can consider Malta as such).

If Malta is treated as a colonial power (because it had some islands in the Caribbean), then the Belgians might as well be a full-fledged civ - I’m not advocating it, but it’s the truth. Now there is chaos in defining what civ can go in this game, because basically any civ can go in it.

Maybe I would look at the Maltese differently if they weren’t just copy paste content from the campaign. If they were Sicilians, it would also look better - because they could offer something more interesting than what the Maltese civs already offer. Nothing annoys me more than the Depot as a Unique Building for the Maltese civ…

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It should be a building that cheapens firearms troops and armory upgrades. (or do they already do something else besides exploding? I don’t remember)

They are in the mobile game of AOE-3 as one of the 3 civilizations. (if I remember correctly).

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buffs attackspeed of gunpowderunits, buildings and artillery by 10%

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I want Middle East DLC featuring Mamluk, Colonial Oman and Iranian civilizations, also a single player campaign on the Napoleonic era can be added, Polish and Korean civilizations should be added, I’m ready to buy them all as I did before.


We need ‘Return to Rome’ dlc for 3!

It would be nice to have two Arabian civ:

  1. Arabians civ (based solely on those from the Arabian peninsula, i.e. Saudis and Omanis)
  2. and Egyptian civs (based on the Sultanate of Mamluks and Muhammad Ali)

Unfortunately it’s rather unlikely that it will be these two civs. It would be more likely that there would be one Arab civ that would cover a really large area - from the Sahara, through the Levant to the Arabian Peninsula.

The same is true of Central Asia, where there are many Turkic and Mongolic peoples. I think it would be worth taking into account the fact that these peoples created common states to be able to create a common civ for them - Tatars civ. I imagine this civ as a mobile nomadic civ - similar to how the Mongols in AoE 4 could pack and unpack their builds. Some unique technology or the right choice during Age Up could make our Tartars civ change its mode of operation to sedentary - the buildings could then be inspired by the architecture of the Crimean Tatars and the architecture of Timur’s Empire.

Greek Republic/ Kingdom as (Eastern) Roman Empire

yea. And AoE 2 needs all the content of AoE 3 DE, including DLCs.

Yes, maybe… I don’t rule out that they include Belgium in the future together with Switzerland…

The Sicilians are represented by the Spanish…Charles III of Spain was Viceroy of Sicily at the time…

Yeah, but it is what it is…

No, in the AoE 3 mobile game there are only 2 civs: Ottomans and Saint John’s Knights…

Difficult, at most Oman and Persia will enter, 3 historical battles and that’s it…

They put Byzantium and Greece xd…

The Lakotas already do that now from their respective patch…

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I swear there are Sisilians, but I can’t find the source, but I don’t need a source because I played that until I got pirated AOE-3. They were green.

I just want more Asian civs such as Korea, Persia and Siam plus if possible new game modes like co-op mode not co-op campaigns.

Yes but at the glacial pace adjustments are made the game should be about right a couple years from now. This assumes that many of the changes won’t actually make things worse,as they often do.

I’m not saying it’s easy. However with the data that they should have access to I can’t see how it’s possible to miss the target as often as they do.

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AoE2DE had a pause of new DLCs because of the Xbox port, it looks like the same could be true for AoE4.
Now that we know AoMR is on the same engine as AoE3DE that explains why the development as slowed down.
But I think that is good news. Having AoE3DE and AoMR on the same engine means they can more easily support both games.
The same is true with AoE1 being ported to the AoE2DE engine.

It seems like AoE1 will be inside the same game as AoE2DE, like a button you press in the main menu or something like that.
I wonder how they will handle AoMR and AoE3DE. Like just 2 games that happen to use the same engine.

But I wonder if that has any implications for AoE3DE. I’d love to have some of the AoM features in the Scenario editor.
Imagine being able to trigger an actual earthquake or lightning storm in a scenario. That would open up a lot new cool possibilities.